• [slashem] Lost Bell of Opening

    From Janis Papanagnou@21:1/5 to All on Fri Jun 11 00:36:18 2021
    Dlvl:62, Vibrating Square level; noticed that my Bell of Opening
    is missing - shocking! Where could I have lost it? Didn't recall.
    Levelporting to dlvl:1, descending the various branches, mines,
    the four quests, etc. etc., once again, looking under every heap,
    far-looking at every silver tool. Frustrating! Imagined where I
    could have missed to find it on my second descending; in a heap
    below other tools, dropped in a pool of water, a pet could have
    relocated it to another place, or what else could happen to miss
    it? - I finally found it in Dispater's lair at dlvl:56, so I can
    now continue to get the Wizard's Book. But the question remains;
    after such a mishap, what could one do to effectively search and
    find an indispensable but lost item? On my way I took a glass orb
    with me to support the search, but what else could be done beyond
    the hard way of flipping every stone, looting the various watery
    or lava levels?


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