• Nethack 3.6.6 on MacOS X 11.3 using homebrew, Adding hearse support

    From Mitch Patenaude@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 21 08:51:45 2021
    Hi there,

    I've installed NH 3.6.6 on MacOS X (Big Sur, 11.3) on an intel Mac using homebrew. I got the perl hearse client to work by commenting out the long size check (as documented in some debian bug somewhere.) and configuring the bones dir for the new
    location (/usr/local/share/nethack).

    I got the hearse server admin to add support for this fingerprint (Thanks Alexis), but so far I'm the only user with this fingerprint, so it's kinda pointless. If you are using this combo, feel free to use hearse to upload your bones files. I can't
    guaranty every one will have Yendorian Express card in it, but maybe Magicbane :-)

    // Mitch

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