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    The analysis in Jan 2018 had not revealed any explanation, maybe it's an >effect of some patch active in NAO's NH-343 ? - Just a vague speculation. I'm starting to think it must be, although that's more just that we
    haven't ruled it out yet and it's all that can be thought of. :-(
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    Has this ever been solved? because it has been happing to me at NAO. And it happens with... Trying to Id rings in sinks. Sometimes i don't get a message. Engraving id with wands. Sometimes i don't get a message with wands that do something. The latest
    was a wand of polymorphing that had no message that the engraving was changed-. Sometimes i die without a message. just straight to do you want your possessions identified. And the latest is my quest leader summing me does not show up. This message does
    not get diplayed. So sometimes this message shows up, and somethimes it does not. The thing i noticed is that none of these messages go into the message history. And i am playing the latest release. 3.6.6 on putty. Should i post my option file?

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