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    On Saturday, July 1, 2006 at 8:37:58 AM UTC-7, Stathol wrote:
    nikolai kingsley wrote:
    Stathol wrote:
    "You begin bashing monsters with your kitten corpse."

    I'm going to hell.

    not to sound insulting, but are you a /b/tard by any chance?
    What would you like to read? [ab or ?*]
    a - a scroll of urban dictionary called /b/tard
    (Ok, I've at least *heard* of 4chan. Still not getting it, though)
    What would you like to read? [b or ?*]
    b - a scroll of Wikipedia called 4chan.org
    You feel much lest confused.
    Ah, I think I understand now. A /b/tard is something like an SA goon,
    no? I think I took a look at 4chan once when a couple of otaku geek
    friends of mine wouldn't shut about it :P. But other than that, I've
    had no contact with the /b/ or any other board there. I do, however,
    have a twisted and random sense of humor. And I run in circles that
    might have at least a small overlap area, so...
    necro lmao

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