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    The download of Issue #18 of Suspense & Decision magazine is free.


    Suspense & Decision magazine is a PBM magazine for the 21st Century. It is a free download.

    Issue #18 is the August 2019 issue.

    Table of Contents
    Issue #18

    A Game Designer's Ride: What Was I thinking?
    Paul Mouchet

    Company Commander: An Encounter with Jason Oates Games
    Mike Saunders

    Endless Variety of Special Hexes: A brief article from a non-traditional player Ian Murphy

    Ridin’ Out the Storm: A Galac-Tac Chronicle – Episode 7
    Douglas Neman

    Play-by-Flash-Drive: Face-to-Face Middle-earth PBM Gaming in Las Vegas
    Raven Zachary

    TribeNet: Looking for new players!Peter Rzechorzek

    Why Should We Care About PBM?: Is the future of this hobby past?
    Rick McDowell

    TribeNet PBeM: A Rose Amongst Weeds
    Chris Stanifer

    Tribal Starfleet Trade Report: The Shortcomings of Modern Board Games
    Bernd Jaehnigen

    Where we’re heading
    Charles Mosteller

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