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    On Sunday, 18 February 1996 01:00:00 UTC-7, Martin Hinves wrote:
    Stuart_McNaughton@msn.com (Stuart McNaughton) wrote:

    I am playing in TKOM game 175, 18 turns in. The main problem is that
    we are still using a (40 page) photocopied rules summary because IGDS >still seem totally unable to produce the real thing. Also there are >reports that magic doesn't work yet, but I haven't reached the stage
    of using that yet. That apart, it is a great game with lots of depth.
    I recommend you try it

    I'm playing KOM 223 in Sydney Australia and we have the same problem.
    Anyone else found out ....



    Used to play it myself and started to write a working program for Phil [of Phildee [Dee was his wife's name]] and am still playing with the idea. So, do you [or anyone you know, come to that] by any chance have any old turns or rule books around? A) just
    to look at for nostalgia B) might inspire me to get on with it.


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