• 1st Edition AD&D monster. Star Giant.

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    Frequency: 4 unique individuals
    No. Appearing: 1-4
    Armor Class: any
    Move: 20" - infinite
    Hit Dice: 20 - infinite
    % in lair: 100% (their lair is all universes.)
    Treasure Type: 1 cp - infinite
    No. of attacks: 1 - infinite
    Damage/Attack - .1 hp (a flick with a fingernail) - infinite
    Special attacks - All
    Special defences - All
    Magic Resistance - Any
    Intelligence - Any
    Alignment - Lawful Good (may play Any)
    Size - Any
    Psionic Ability - Any
    Level/X.P. Value: Any (as per the role they play)

    There are 4 Star Giants, Ymir, Auðumbla, Fárbauti, and Laufey. Besides the very clear melee and treasure ranges above, their spellcasting levels may be 0-infinite as amuses Ymir. All their backstories are similarly infinite in range. They have full
    metamorphic capabilities into any form or object that amuses Ymir. As their lair is all universes they have access to all spells. They live in their metamorphed forms as long as they want to or as Ymir decides if they decide they've had enough, including

    They are immortal, they have avatars when they wish. They are not gods, and as their lair is all universes, they may not be banished.

    Planes? Those are universes.

    Ymir is the leader, the other are free to do whatever they like. They have lots more fun with Ymir. They may speak any language.

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