• BURPG with the kids session report 1

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    I'd run the kids through the 4e derivative Monster Slayers one time
    which was o.k. but a bit too railroad and seemed rather pointless,
    plus I found it still a bit too complicated for them, but that was a
    year ago.

    I had planned some time ago to run Holmes Basic for them, but never
    even got through character creation as it was a bit too complicated
    for their short attention spans.

    My daughter's 8 and she has trouble keeping up with her school work,
    and RPGs are good for learning a lot of things, so I thought it would
    be good. My son is 10 and doing alright in school.

    The last week or so I got the bug to work on my RPG, I'm still working
    on the monster and magic item section, but it's compatible enough with
    old school you can use those from any old edition. The Basic Player's
    Guide has long been finished and tested well enough. I finally got up
    the courage to try it with the kids. I decided to run the Holmes
    Basic sample dungeon as It's my favorite start to D&D.

    Character creation in BURPG is really fast, you only need to choose
    your class and roll up 3 random items in addition to standard
    equipment, we got through that in under 15 minutes which really
    surprised me how quick it was again, my daughter even got how to
    figure the percentile dice after her second one. My daughter choose
    an Invoker (cleric basically) I described as a healer/fighter she
    named her Megan but halfway through the game changed her name to
    Rose. My son chose an Adventurer (fighter) and named him Callrio. So
    I took the Spellcaster as an NPC. My son mentioned he was glad to not
    have to worry about spells, It only took me a minute or two to set
    those up for myself, but I'm intimately familiar with the system since
    I wrote it.

    There was a lot of laughing from them at the PP line on their sheet
    (platinum pieces.

    I used a figure I had for a gnome wizard I'd played years ago and
    there was lots of laughing about how little he was.

    My son wasn't paying much attention to begin with when I started them
    in the inn, or at the beginning of the dungeon, but he chose to turn

    My son drew up his character on the sheet, and got another paper and
    drew some of his equipment (a blank book he had from his equipment
    rolls and some other stuff) and wrote some stuff about his character
    on another sheet while I was going back and forth between them with
    character creation.

    Callrio decided to go left and went into the room first and the
    skeletons. They got initiative, but no surprise, 3 attacked him, 1
    hit for 1 damage. One also attacked and hit Megan for 2. On the kid's initiative Callrio missed rolling a 4, and Megan used Awe (Turn undead,
    I wanted to avoid that phase as I've read of and even had one new
    player think that meant to turn oneself into an undead instead of
    making them run away, I don't really like the word awe for that but
    haven't come up with something better - maybe glory.) She turned all
    of them. My spellcaster attacked one from the back but missed well.

    2nd round PCs get initiative, my son notices flint and steel as one of
    the items on his character sheet and tries to set one of the skeletons
    on fire (he plays Minecraft so knows what flint and steel is from that
    game.) I was nonplussed for a second but the skeletons were covered in
    dusty webs so allowed it to work, which burned it up (I rolled really
    bad for hp on the skeletons, none over 2.) My daughter's character
    now named Rose hit the one that was attacking her last round and
    killed it, and my spellcaster hit the one he'd attacked the previous
    round and also killed it. The last one started to flee from the Awe
    (no free attacks for that in URPG, I also screwed up here as an
    Invoker has to continue concentrating on Awe for the undead to
    continue running away, even my own rules I don't always remember in
    the heat of the moment.)

    For the next round my son had gone to the bathroom, I had my daughter
    roll initiative and she tied with the skeletons with a 6, she caught
    up to the last skeleton and also killed it. My son was now back and
    suggested picking up all the bones, they might be worth something. He
    and I were both tired so we ended the game there, my daughter wanted
    to continue, and took the figures of a skeleton and her's and mashed
    them together making fighting sound effects. I told her we'd play
    tomorrow. A little more than an hour had passed from when we started
    making characters.

    - Justisaur

    URPG Site: https://sites.google.com/site/justisaursdd/urpg

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    On Mon, 23 Nov 2020 10:00:44 -0800 (PST), Justisaur
    <justisaur@gmail.com> wrote:
    I'd run the kids through the 4e derivative Monster Slayers one time
    which was o.k. but a bit too railroad and seemed rather pointless,
    plus I found it still a bit too complicated for them, but that was a
    year ago.

    Congrats on the news rules and the game.


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    On Monday, November 23, 2020 at 10:00:46 AM UTC-8, Justisaur wrote:
    I told her we'd play
    tomorrow. A little more than an hour had passed from when we started
    making characters.

    Session 2 report

    A lot longer than tomorrow from then. My son was wrapped up in video
    games and didn't want to play. We finally played again Sunday though,
    but didn't go that well, my daughter started with saying she's bored over
    and over after they returned to town to sell the skeletons which I figured
    at 10 gp each to buy some stuff. They both ended up buying a bunch of
    throwing knives. They continued on from the skeleton room and ended
    up at the evil wizard & charmed pirate, and my daughter was just laughing uncontrollably the whole time. She does that sometimes when she's tired.

    My son decided to attack the wizard right off, got initiative, my NPC wizard followed up with magic missile which took him out.

    The pirate thanked him for freeing him from the wizard's spell and offered
    to pay his debt for his life however the party wanted. My son said something about money, so the pirate gave him his jeweled belt and they all left. Party sold the belt, and with 333 gp each my son decided to retire (probably just
    so he could go back to video games.) My daughter wanted to keep playing,
    but with her uncontrollable laughing I'd had enough too.

    Time passed was about 45 minutes.

    - Justisaur

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