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    On Tuesday, February 11, 1997 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, John Mellor wrote:
    I remember playing this game as a kid. I think it was called
    "The Voice Of The Mummy". The game had three or four tiers that you would walk around to pick up green plastic jewels. There was also a Great
    Jewel (red) you could get by landing on the right square. There was also
    a "spell"- a red plastic snake. The voice part of the game was when you landed on the squares with the mummies on them. (WOW I STILL REMEMBER
    THIS?). The voice result was randomly good or bad. There was maybe 8
    messages or so like:"I am the unseen wailer I will make you deaf---Take A jewel and ignore him". The one with the most jewels won, the great jewel worth 5 and the spell -5 points. You used one or two 6-sided dice to
    Anyway the game was A styrofoam "wedding cake". with a plastic
    sarcophagus on top that contained a small record player. Alas , the game
    was my sister's and the needle fell off the player and the game was
    either mothballed or discarded. I probably was about 8 or 10 years old at
    the time which would make it early seventies. Next time I am at my
    parent's house I will ask them, but I doubt the game is still there.
    I will e-mail you if I find it.

    Try looking at voiceofthemummy.com

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