• Mythotopia

    From John Geoffrey@21:1/5 to All on Sat Dec 29 21:21:42 2018
    Had a trip to Nuremberg today, and found the board game Mythotopia in
    Jokers for 10 euros. I guess if you wanted to get that game right now
    would be a good choice, it's the multilingual edition (en,de,fr) and
    their online shop delivers abroad I think. Jokers calls itself a
    restseller, so they sell mostly stuff that has been discontinued.
    One thing I found odd though was that even the game manual references
    not one, but two different other games (A Few Acres of Snow and
    Dominion) in the introduction. Now I haven't played either of them, and
    I wouldn't even have picked up this game if it wasn't for the price, but
    it kinda makes me think you need to know other games to understand this
    one. Weird marketing tactic.
    On the other hand it's being sold for ten euros now despite scoring
    nearly 7 on BGG, so it might have misfired a bit.

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