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    On Friday, April 12, 1991 at 12:19:11 AM UTC-4, David Griffith wrote:
    A well cared for and well loved game collection is sadly being sold to
    the four winds, to pay for my mother's hernia operation. Oh, the loss... Lovingly assembled, it has provided hours (nay years!) of enjoyment for
    me, and now my games can do the same for you.

    !!Okay, Folks.... It's time to spend money!!!

    Here's how it works. The following is a long list of games, conditions, descriptions and prices. These prices are firm for at least two weeks.
    No haggling, all sales final. All inquiries and orders should be E-mailed
    to me. All orders will be processed in a first come, first served fashion.
    I will E-mail confirmation of your order, and instructions on payment.
    Orders of less than $30 will have a 10% shipping charge added. Orders
    of more than $30 will be shipped free of charge. Orders of more than
    $30 will also receive free of charge some of games which were for one
    reason or another not in saleable condition (FREE UNSPEAKABLE TRASH!!!)

    Got that? Good!

    Science Fiction Board Games:

    Misc Board Games:
    Star Soldier SPI Unpunched $20
    Star Force SPI Unpunched $20
    Outreach SPI Unpunched $20
    Hammer's Slammers Mayfair Excellent $10
    SpaceMaster:Star Strike I.C.E Unpunched $15
    Imperium GDW Good $10
    Invasion America SPI Unpunched $20
    Azhanti High Lightning GDW Very Good $8
    Stellar Conquest Metagaming Very Good $8
    Sky Galleons of Mars GDW Excellent $15
    The Creature That
    Ate Sheboygan Simpubs Good $5
    Awful Green Things... TSR Good $5
    Snits Revenge TSR Very Good $7
    Quirks Eon Good $10
    Starship Troopers Avalon Hill Very Good $10
    Armoured Assault I.C.E. Unpunched $15
    SpaceMaster:Star Strike I.C.E Unpunched $15
    Web and Starship West End Excellent $8
    The Forever War Mayfair Excellent $10
    Demon's Run Yaquinto Very Good $5
    Dune (Original Edition) Avalon Hill Very Good $8
    Fourth Reich Task Force Unpunched $10
    Chitin:II Microgames Very Good $1
    Ogre and the Ogre Book Steve Jackson Excellent $6
    Marine:2002 Yacquinto Good $5
    Darkover Eon Very Good $15

    Modern Era Military Board Games:

    Vietnam Victory Games Unpunched $15
    Assault GDW Very Good $5
    Boots and Saddles GDW Excellent $5
    Air Superiority GDW Excellent $10
    Aegean Strike Victory Games Unpunched $12
    Central America Victory Games Unpunched $12
    Harpoon GDW Very Good $7
    Air Cav West End Very Good $8
    Ace of Aces:Jet Eagles Nova Excellent $12
    Nato:The Next War in
    Europe Victory Games Excellent $8
    Ranger Omega Games Excellent $8

    Misc Board Games:

    Civilization Avalon Hill Very Good $10
    The Brotherhood GDW Good $5
    Outdoor Survival Avalon Hill Fair $4
    Imperium Romanum II West End Games Unpunched $12
    Supremacy Supremacy Games Excellent $15
    Machievelli Avalon Hill Fair $8
    Car Wars (Original) Steve Jackson Good $7
    +half dozen misc supplements
    Dueltrack Steve Jackson Very Good $5
    Flux Wotan Games Excellent $7
    Arkham Horror Chaosium Very Good $8
    Pax Brittanica Victory Games Unpunched $15
    Globbo Steve Jackson excellent $5
    Revolt on Antares TSR Good $2

    Science Fiction Role Playing:
    Space Opera & Space Marines
    FGU Good $6
    TimeMaster PaceSetter Good $5
    Shadow World Atlas I.C.E. Excellent $10
    Price of Freedom West End Excellent $5
    Gamma World TSR Very Good $5
    Sandman:Map of Hallal PaceSetter Good $5
    RingWorld (&Companion) Chaosium Excellent $20
    PsiWorld FGU Very Good $5
    Albedo Thoughts&Images Excellent $8
    Paranoia West End Very Good $7
    Paranoia Adventures : West End Excellent $2/Each
    Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues, Alice through the Mirrorshades,
    Twilight Cycle:2000
    The Morrow Project Timeline Excellent $5
    The Morrow Project:
    Prime Base Timeline Good $3
    Aftermath FGU Very Good $10
    Traveller:2300 GDW Excellent $5
    Teenage Mutant Ninja
    Turtles and Other
    Strangeness Palladium Very Good $5
    Jorune (Original) Skyrealms Very Good $8
    Earth Tec: Jorune Trailblazer Excellent $4
    Call of Cthulhu(4th Ed.)Chaosium Good $7
    SpaceTime Blacksburg Excellent $5
    Morpheus Rapport Games Excellent $5
    FringeWorthy Tri-Tac Excellent $5
    Twilight:2000 GDW Very Good $7
    Survivor's Guide to
    The U.K. :Twilight 2000 GDW Excellent $4

    Misc Role Playing:

    Behind Enemy Lines The Companions Good $5
    Bushido FGU Fair $6
    Swordbearer Heritage Fair $10
    Musketeers Task Force Very Good $7
    Daredevils FGU Very Good $8
    The Revised Recon Palladium Very Good $8
    Advanced Recon Palladium Good $5

    Mail all orders and inquiries to griffith@m.cs.uiuc.edu.

    David Griffith
    Strong currency, strong whiskey, and strong typing

    I will buy Demon's Run (YAQUINTO) and CENTRAL AMERICA (VICTORY GAMES) from you, if you're still selling. Your post doesn't have a date, mat be years since you posted.


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    On Friday, April 12, 1991 at 12:19:11 AM UTC-4, David Griffith wrote:
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    I will buy Demon's Run (YAQUINTO) and CENTRAL AMERICA (VICTORY GAMES) from you, if you're still selling. Your post doesn't have a date, mat be years since you posted.

    Holy jeebus, is it 5988th December already? Thanks googlegroups!

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