• Escalado setup intructions & rules

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    Here are the rules in brief for a game involving up to six players.
    The full game consists of six rates, each one featuring five or six horses. Each player receives one hundred pounds (or dollars) in betting money at the start of the game.
    One person is appointed as a bookie who will prepare a race card on which the odds for each horse are noted, plus the amounts of money each player bets on particular horses. The bookie may adjust the odds for each horse in every race according to their
    form in previous races. For example, if the same horse has won two previous races, the odds on it winning the next could be shortened and the odds lengthened on poor finishers.
    At the start of the game, players choose a horse that they will own for the entire game.
    Before the start of each race, players may place bets on any horse (or horses) to win. Owners do not necessarily have to bet on their own horse. No place bets are taken.
    Prize money is awarded to the owners of the winning horse in each race, and also for those finishing second and third. (Players can decide on the scale of these prizes before the game starts. Suggested scale: 200 pounds for winning horse, 100 for
    second place, and 50 for third.)
    The player winding the Escalado handle stops winding immediately after first, second and third horses cross the finishing line.
    Horses that fall over must be removed from the track and the race.
    The bookie pays out prizes to the owners of the first three horses, then settles bets with players who had backed the winning horse.
    The winner of the game is the player with most money at the end of the race meeting.
    Players must decide before the game starts on whether the bookie may be a horse owner and can bet on races. Naturally, the bookie must keep betting money separate from other money.
    Players may take turns at winding the handle. The player winding the handle has the final say on which horse wins.

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