• The Man Who made my Marriage

    From samsloan@21:1/5 to All on Sat Sep 2 10:14:16 2017
    This man was important to me because he is the person who wrote the letter to me on behalf of a Kalash girl named Sunik asking me to come back to Pakistan to marry her. She had previously asked me to marry her when I was in Pakistan but her father had
    broken into the marriage ceremony and had called the police. Later her father had dragged her off and I never saw her again. So after I got this letter in New York USA, I came back to the Kalash Valleys but when I got there I found that her father had
    just forceably married her to another man. So instead I was given a replacement wife in Junjoret named Khonza Gul.
    The man in the picture is named Shaikh Abdul Rehman. Shaikh means he is a converted Muslim who used to be Kalash but has converted to Islam.
    Does anybody know this man? Is he still in Bumboret?
    Sam Sloan

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