• Trump Lost the Travel Ban Case 6-3

    From samsloan@21:1/5 to All on Mon Jun 26 17:30:48 2017
    In the US Supreme Court decision today, Trump actually won nothing. The decision was 6-3 with Trump on the losing side. This is apparent from the following courts decision:
    “The court noted the government is free to work on new vetting procedures for immigrants from the six countries. "We fully expect that the relief we grant today will permit the executive to conclude its internal work and provide adequate notice to
    foreign governments within the 90-day life of Sec. 2c," the court said, referring to the key clause in the travel ban order. “
    So, the court has fiven Trump 90 days ti work on a new vetting procedure. But this is not what Trump wants. Trump wants a full, complete and permanent travel ban and time he discates it. He does not want to be sent back to the drawing board to come up
    with a new proceedure.
    This case is surprisingly similar to my own case I won in the US Supreme Court in 1978. In my case, Samuel H. Sloan vs SEC, 436 US 103 (1978), the SEC had suspended trading in a stock for ten days, and when that ten days was up they suspeded it for
    another ten days continuing ten days at a time for months or even years. The US Supreme Court ruled that was illegal and unconstitutional. So, now, when Trump's 90 say travel ban has expired, he will not be allowed to ussue a new 90 day ban. Once the 90
    days is up that is the end of Trumps power.
    Sam Sloan

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