• Motion by Sam Sloan to Restore Viring Rights

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    Sam Sloan
    1018 Orchard St.
    Forest VA 24551

    Tel. 917-507-7226
    June 3, 2017

    Hon. James W. Updike Jr.
    Bedford Circuit Court
    24th Judicial Circuit of Virginia
    123 East Main St.
    Suite 201
    Bedford, VA 24523

    Re; Sloan vs. Commonwealth, Case N. CL17000260-00

    Dear Honorable Sir:

    I understand this matter has been extended to June 6, 2017.

    I have not been able to find any specific statute in the Virginia Code that states that a felon cannot vote ever. I have called and left messages with Wesley Nace of the Commonwealth Attorney's office asking about this and he has not returned my calls. I
    would like to see the specific language of the statute that says I am not allowed to vote or to run for election. I have never been guilty of anything other than trying to protect my family including my mother and my daughters from kidnappings and I
    should not be deprived of the right to vote.
    I am asking this court to exercise plenary jurisdiction over this entire matter because the court will find that I was not remotely guilty of anything and rather my entire family including my wife and children were and are crime victims because our
    children who were not born in Virginia and had no real connection with Virginia were kidnapped away from us entirely for religious reasons by followers of Jerry Falwall in Lynchburg.
    If you will look us this case you will file that this case was affirmed by the Virginia Court of Appeals by a 2-1 decision with Judge Koontz dissenting and then was affirmed by an en banc decision of the Virginia Court of Appeals by a 6-3 court with
    again Judge Koontz and two other judges dissenting. The three dissenting justices found that I was not remotely guilty of anything. For example, I was charges with failure to appear for trial but no trial had been scheduled nor took place. How can one be
    found guilty of failure to appear for a trial that did not occur? The 6 who ruled against me said that my court appointed attorney had pleaded the case wrong even though I was not guilty. Previously, the attorneys defending me James Hengeley and James
    Massie had both been removed by Judge Gamble who himself had previously been disqualified by Judge Perrow. Judge Gamble then appointed an attorney David Dice who refused to defend me.
    The Commonwealth reasoned that had a trial been scheduled I would not appeared. How can the Commonwealth claim that since I had kept all my court hearing dates up until that time.
    Regarding the claim of attempted of my own daughter, this was a child custody case. My daughter had been born in New York City in Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Her mother whose name is Honzagool never resided in Virginia. The child custody case was
    decided by Bronx Supreme Court Judge Anthony Mercorella in 1982 as modified by Judge Louren Backal. The custody case in New York had never been transferred to Virginia. At no time did anyone in Virginia have legal custody of this child except for me, the
    father. If you research this case you will find that no other person except for me had been awarded custody of this child in Virginia.
    The Roberts Family, the bad guys who kidnapped this child and had her brought from Abu Dhabi United Arab Emitates to Madison Heights Virginia in September 1990 had never been awarded legal custody of this child. They kept claiming to have custody but as
    you will find there were no documents supported that ridiculous claim. It was entirely bogus.
    I grew up in Bedford County, Virginia. I attended Boonesboro School when it was both an elementary school and a high school. For the last two years I transferred to EC Glass High School in Lynchburg VA where I graduated in 1962.
    My mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, was a medical doctor and a child psychiatrist and director of the Lynchburg Guidance Center at 1010 Miller Park Square in Lynchburg.
    My father Leroy B. Sloan was an attorney and a member of the Virginia State Bar and was Special Agent for the Treasury Department and Special Agent for the Internal Revenue Service. in Lynchburg, Virginia.
    Unfortunately, my father had the unfortunate habit of telling the fantastic story that we were related to Alfred P. Sloan, Chairman of General Motors Corporation and the richest man and the world, and that a Sloan Family Trust had been set up by his
    father through which we would inherit $50 million dollars in General Motors stock upon his death.
    There was not a word of truth to this. We are not known to be related to Alfred P. Sloan and there is no Sloan Family Trust. However, my father told this ridiculous story so many times that all of his girlfriends and just about all of the lawyers had
    heard and believed this.
    When my father died in January 1986, it took only three days for Michael Garret, a junior partner in the Law Firm of Janow and Gamble that became Pendleton and Gamble to call me asking about my grandfather and the Sloan Family Trust. I informed him that
    my grandfather had died in 1940 penniless and there was no Sloan Family Trust. They proceeded to serve subpoenas on all the banks in Lynchburg demanding access to my father's safe deposit box that they believed would have documents pertaining to the Sloan Family Trust and the $50 million. When they could not find anything, they
    probably concluded that we had removed the documents. However, in reality there had been no documents and furthermore my father had never had a safe deposit box. My mother had a safe deposit box at Central Fidelity Bank and had loaned the key to the box
    to my father.
    Still believing that we had the $50 million stashed somewhere, the Law Firm of Pendleton and Gamble started filing a series of lawsuits on behalf of a woman who had been their client named Alma Coates Dawson who claimed to have married my father on his
    death bed and thus was entitled to inherit the $50 million. There were several such cases filed by Pendleton and Gamble that you can still find in the files of the Lynchburg Circuit under the name of Sloan vs. Sloan. I urge you to look up those cases and
    you will see this.
    Then Janow and Gamble got themselves appointed as judges on the same cases they had filed. This was obviously illegal. I objected repeatedly and demanded that they recuse themselves but they refused to do so.
    So all of the cases including the child custody cases and the cases involving my mother's property including our house located at 917 Old Trents Ferry Road in Lynchburg Virginia were heard by Janow and Gamble both as lawyers and as judges on the same
    cases. Among their claims was that my mother had signed a power of attorney that gave them the right to take her property. In fact, the power of attorney did not exist. There was no such power of attorney. If you search the files of the Lynchburg Court
    where you are also a judge you will find that there is no such power of attorney.
    Based on this document that does not exit, all my mother's bank accounts were frozen and ultimately confiscated even though my mother was residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and was never served with legal process or notified of the case.
    I needed to explain that my mother had decided to leave Lynchburg and move to the United Arab Emirates because she had had numerous of these Jerry Falwell people as her psychiatric patients and as my mother often said “These People are Dangerous”.
    She knew that these people had no respect for the law and trying to fight or defend a court case against them would prove futile as it ultimately did.
    I have searched the Virginia statutes and I am unable to find any law that states that a person who has been convicted of a felony cannot vote forever. These people who kidnapped my mother, Dr. Marjorie Sloan, and who kidnapped two of my daughters
    Shamema Honzagool Sloan and Jessica Vithanage Sloan in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates and had them brought to America and Virginia are criminals and should be prosecuted.
    Judge Mosby Perrow Jr., who was Chief Judge at the time, issued a court order disqualifying all the judges in the Lynchburg Circuit from appearing in these cases precisely because Janow and Gamble had filed civil cases against me and my mother and Bill
    Petty had been sued by Charles Roberts and by my mother.
    Nevertheless, all three of them disobeyed that court order of Judge Mosby Perrow and handled these cases anyway.
    Perhaps you are aware that Judge Mosby Perrow was one of the most distinguished judges in Virginia and it was he who has ordered the desegregation of the public schools in Lynchburg Virginia and the surrounding areas in 1961.
    Regarding the kidnappings of my daughters, these so-called judges seemed to have ignored the fact that these children whom they kidnapped all had mothers. By kidnapping these children away from me, they also kidnapped them from their mothers. None of
    these children were born in Virginia. They were born in New York or California. None of them were brought to Virginia by their mothers or by me, their Father. All of their mothers are alive and well and cannot understand what happened to their children.
    The lawyers involved in these cases, Linda Groome and Lisa Schenkel, were instructors at Jerry Falwall's Liberty University. Their whole purpose in kidnapping these children was to change the religion of the children from Islam or Buddhism to the Jerry
    Falwell version of Christianity.
    The mother of my daughter Shamema was and is a devoutly religious Muslim who is residing in her native Chitral Pakistan. It is clear that the Commonwealth of Virginia is engaging in a Crime Against Humanity by allowing these children to be kidnapped from
    foreign countries where they resided and brought to Amherst County Virginia. Lynchburg got involved in this case because Ed Meeks, the Amherst County Commonwealth Attorney, correctly stated that Virginia and Amherst County had no jurisdiction over this
    matter and nolle Processed these cases every time it was brought in Amherst County. The reason these cases were heard in Lyncburg is Jerry Falwell is there. We believe the Falwall group financed these kidnappings by providing the $40,000 they said they
    spent to kidnap my daughters.
    Accordingly, this court should rule that these convictions are invalid and my right to vote is restored.

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