• Paul Truong of Cambodia made member of FIDE media body

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    Paul Truong of Cambodia made member of FIDE media body
    13 September 2016
    Paul Truong of Cambodia made member of FIDE media body
    When FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos read out a list of FIDE political appointments on September 12, I was surprised to hear the name of Paul Truong of Cambodia being made a member of a FIDE media body.
    First I thought it must be another Paul Truong, but it was not.
    We have long heard varying stories about Paul Truong, who he is, where he came from.
    One time he said he was the last man on the last helicopter out of Vietnam. Another time he said he was a boat person on a boat that was attacked repeatedly by pirates. All the women were killed by the pirates and their bodies dumped overboard, except for the beautiful girls, who were taken and never seen again. He and his
    father alone survived.
    None of these claims have proved verifiable.
    In the lawsuit Susan Polgar vs USCF and 17 other defendants in Texas, Truong testified under oath that he was a stateless person with no citizenship.
    Thus, the statement that he is now from Cambodia is surprising. If he was really born in Cambodia, that would be new news.
    Truong has often stated that he was champion of Vietnam at an early age. However, the Vietnamese deny that Truong was ever their champion. The Vietnamese are here in Baku, Azerbaijan. I have not seen them talking to Truong.
    He is always seen with Zsuzsa Polgar. Zsuzsa or Susan often claims to be Chairwoman of the FIDE Woman's Commission.
    However, this is not true. Martha Fierro of Ecuador is Chairwoman of the FIDE Woman's Commission and sits up on the dais.
    Both Susan Polgar and Paul Truong have been expelled from the United States Chess Federation following their unsuccessful lawsuit against the United States Chess Federation and 17 chess officials in Texas. Thus they cannot claim to represent the USA in
    FIDE Meetings. Susan appears at these meetings under the FIDE Flag, not as a representative of the USA. The Hungarians do not want her back either. This may explain why Truong is said to represent Cambodia.
    Cambodia does not have a team or a delegation here in Baku, Azerbaijan. Cambodia has never sent a team to the World Chess Olympiads. There are no Cambodians with a FIDE rating.
    Sam Sloan

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