• All Chess Review issues, and all Chess Life issues through 2018, releas

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    I saw an announcement in the latest Chess Life that the USCF was
    releasing all of the issues ever printed of Chess Review (1933-
    1969) and all Chess Life issues from 1946 to 2018 on the USCF Web
    site. I went there and downloaded all of them. It's very
    interesting reading the Chess Reviews from the first decade or more
    of that publication's existence. You can read about World War II
    starting up and disrupting the International Team Tournament at
    Buenos Aires in September 1939. And you can read about the
    Americans not being able to send a team to the event because they
    couldn't raise the money for it.

    The files are here: <https://new.uschess.org/chess-life-digital-archives/> and although the Chess Life article says that they'll be hard to get due to the press of people getting them for the first few months they are in fact easy to get right now.

    I'm wallowing in old chess articles and being amused at seeing my
    name in there long ago.

    Eugene Delmar's Ghost <edg@invalid.invalid>

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