• In the World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, October 5, 2018, China has won b

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    In the World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, October 5, 2018, China has won both Olympiads on secondary tie-breaking points.
    In the open section, China tied in match points with the USA and Russia. All three teams won 8 matches, drew two matches and lost one match.
    Russia had won two matches near the beginning of the Olympiad against low rated teams so they had the worst tie-breaking points.
    It seems that Poland had the best tie-breaking points and would have won the Olympiad had they beaten India in the last match. However, they only drew the last match and thus finished fourth.
    In the Women's Olympiad, China tied with Ukraine in both match points and game points with 7 wins and 4 drawn matches. China won on secondary tie-breaking points.
    It all came down to the last game between Alexandra Kosteniuk of Russia against Ju Wenjun of China.
    Alexandra Kosteniuk was a pawn down in a difficult queen and knight endgame. If the game was a draw, Ukraine would win the Woman's Olympiad. Alexandra Kosteniuk repeatedly checked the king of Ju Wenjun. Finally, Alexandra Kosteniuk claimed a draw by
    three-fold repetition of position.
    An arbiter was called. He took the scoresheets of both players. He played over the game from the scoresheets without ever reaching the position where Alexandra Kosteniuk was claiming a draw. Then the arbiter ruled against and that the game must resume.
    The players went back to their board. Ju Wenjun moved her pieces in a different way to insure that position could never be repeated again. Then, Alexandra Kosteniuk thought she had a way where she could sacrifice a knight but then once taken Ju Wenjun
    would have no way to escape perpetual check.
    However, Alexandra Kosteniuk was mistaken, She had missed a move and just had dropped a knight for nothing. She resigned the game a few moves later.
    My question is: If it is found through the DGT Boards that the arbiter's ruling was wrong and the game really was drawn by three-fold repetition, does that make the game drawn retroactively. In that case, Russia defeated China in the match by 2.5-1.5 and
    therefore China did not win the Olympiad. In that case, Ukraine won the Olympiad.
    Sam Sloan

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