• FIDE Elections for FIDE Vice-President

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    FIDE Elections for FIDE Vice-President
    4 October 2018 Today there are elections for FIDE Vice President. I have never fully understood what powers a FIDE Vice President has but that does not stop them from being hotly contested. Already this morning the new President-Elect Arkady Dvorkovich
    has appointed 6 new FIDE Vice-Presidents as is his right. Among those are Nigel Short who was probably appointed as part of the deal he made to withdraw as a candidate for president.
    This election is being conducted as always by Carol Jarecki of the British Virgin Islands. There are 11 candidates but only 5 will be elected. The counting of the ballots will take a long time.
    The candidates are as follows:
    Casto Abundo - Philippines
    Olalekan Adeyemi Nigeria
    Almog Berstein Israel
    KK Chan Hong Kong
    Martha Fierro - Ecuador
    Horst Metzing Germany
    Akaki Tashvili Georgia
    Mohammad Isfar Kumburia Iran
    Michael Khodarkovsky USA
    Javiar Ochoa Spain
    Anastasia Sorokina Belarus
    Most of these candidates are chess organizers who are very well known and have been involved in FIDE for a long time.
    The candidate from Israel has been actively campaigning and handing out leaflets. He obviously has a stake in this because some countries have not allowed representatives from Israel to play. I doubt he will be elected.
    I remember one of these elections when the USA Delegate, Bill Keleher, was defeated in a run-off by the represented of Libya. This caused a lot of objections from the USA but it was understandable since Bill Kelleher had never organized a chess event
    whereas the delegate from Libya had organized several world youth championships.
    Sam Sloan

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