• Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018 Commission Meetings Press Report

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    Batumi Chess Olympiad 2018 Commission Meetings Press Report
    Today October 1, 2018 there are meetings in the morning at the FIDE Congress in Batumi, Georgia.
    The main meeting was surprisingly short and only two people spoke, FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos and FIDE Vice-President Israel Gelfer, but a lot of important information was provided.
    The main issue was an explanation of why Bulgaria is not present at the Olympiad. It seems that Bulgaria paid a fee of more than one million Euros to a fake organization named ECU. That is also the initials of the European Chess Union.
    After years of trying to resolve this problem, it has not been resolved. So the decision has been made to recognize another organization called “Bulgarian Chess Federation 1928”. At the General Assembly in two days, the old Bulgarian Chess Federation
    will be expelled and a new one will be recognized to take its place.
    The next World Chess Olympiad and FIDE Congress will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk in Siberia in 2020.
    As some players had complaints about the last Olympiad there in 2010, Israel Gelfer addressed this issue.
    Because FIDE is now a lot larger than it was then with 30% more members, plus living space was short even during the 2010 Chess Olympiad, there were doubts that another Olympiad could be held there.
    Iseael Gelfer visited Khanty-Mansiysk sis months ago and spoke to the mayor there. It is to be recalled that two large twin-towers were built in 2010 to house the Olympiad players.
    However, since then, one of those towers is being occupied by workers and other residents so it cannot be used for the Olympiad.
    Instead, another building or buildings are being built to accommodate the players in the 2020 Olympiad. Mr. Gelfer was able to see that work has already started on these new buildings so he is confident that they will be completed by the 2020 Olympiad.
    The 2022 Olympiad will be held in Minsk, Belarus (White Russia). This will be decided at the General Assembly in two days but is certain to pass as they have the only bid. Tunisia and South Korea tried to submit bids but they were not accepted as valid
    because they did not have adequate financial guarantees. (Personally I would like to have the Olympiad held in South Korea because they have girls over there.)
    I have a suggestion. The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada USA has enough space to hold three World Chess Olympiads there all in one playing hall. This year all sections of the World Table Tennis Championships was held in The
    Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. That is a much bigger event than the World Chess Olympiad. Here is Batumi the games take place in two playing halls which is inconvenient for the players.
    We found out that the result of the Ethics Committee meeting yesterday was only that Serbia cannot vote in the FIDE Election due to conflicts of interest. The bigger issues were either dismissed or not passed upon.
    The FIDE election will be held in two days. Those in the know claim to know that Arkady Dvorkovich of Russia will be elected. The FIDE Treasurer Mr. Siegel said again that there are pre-sanctions against Arkady Dvorkovich, so the US State Department
    might keep the Sanctions against FIDE in place. However, when Siegel said this, Makropoulos said this remark was inappropriate and ordered it stricken from the record.
    Zsuzsa Polgar claims to be the chairwoman of the FIDE Woman's Commission. The website says she represents the USA. We do not know how this can be as she has been permanently expelled and banned from the USCF. Her consort claims to represent Cambodia and
    the FIDE website says he does. However, Zsuzsa was not at the meeting today or on the dais. Who was on the dais today was Martha Fierro of Ecuador, who is the REAL chairwoman of the FIDE Woman's Commission
    Other Americans here include Walter Brown, USCF Technical and Ratings Expert (not to be confused with Walter Browne (with e at the end), a deceased chess grandmaster) and Grandmaster Nick De Firmian.
    We always thought that Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was a wealthy man, who got his millions from trading in oil from the Caspian Sea. He said he was giving $2 million Euros to FIDE. But now we have found out that Kirsan gave no money to FIDE. Rather FIDE gave
    money to Kirsan.
    We have the same problem in the USA. Our president claims to be a wealthy man. He has all the trappings of wealth. He has buildings, hotels, golf courses, an airplane, even a university named after him. But does he have real money? Or does he just rent
    an old airplane and have his name painted on it in big letters? Does he have a business that manufactures a product that people want to buy? Nobody knows of one. We know that his campaign manager borrowed $40 million from the Ukrainians and never paid it
    back. He spent the money on clothing for himself. The Ukrainians thought he was going to have the sanctions lifted against them. This never happened. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov told FIDE that his lawyers were having the sanctions lifted against him. That never
    happened either. Now we find out that his lawyers never even filed a case to get the sanctions lifted.
    Sam Sloan

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