• Fullz PayPal & prepaid cards available

    From jeffthompson2001@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sun Nov 17 14:17:05 2019
    Hi guys I have fullz, PayPal accounts and prepaid cards available, my PayPal accounts are in us currency only but I got fullz & Cloned cc’s for all over the World.

    Us paypal accounts go for 100 each account Which is 4 I have between 800-1500 on them usd.

    Fullz dépends on where you are:
    States & Uk & Europe 3 for 100 each individually it’s 30-40 each. Fullz come with dob, cc number, Cvv/expiry date, ssn, and phone/email.

    Both of those are required a confirmation after payment, send a photo of btc payment to me and once confirmed you will receive them within 20 minutes - 3hrs.

    Cloned CC’s
    These ones are for the not so tech savvy people,
    Rn I got 15 pieces from the us but they are international cards that can be used anywhere. I’m letting them go for 200 each coming from the fact that all of them have 8000 on them if interested please again send payment to my Btc address, once sent
    please send me a confirmation with your address that you want it to be sent too.. it’s takes 5 days domestically by mail 7-10 days internationally!

    I hope this interests you and we successfully make things happen, cuz I want to make money and I love to connect with people and make long relationships that will especially generate money for both of us in the long run. Since I have been scammed many
    times by these things I do give people refunds or exchanges for there purchase if it is defected, But I know u wouldn’t have issues Because my stuff is 100!! You’ll be coming back running for more! but still please provide proof.
    Lastly, I don’t wanna be a douche i know people do have questions because they’re interested that’s great! But if you don’t have money in your btc account to buy Or don’t plan on buying when you say ur going to buy it don’t message me.
    SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY Don’t waste ur time and especially mine.

    Thank u have a great day! Looking forward to doing business with you in the near future!

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