• Mac FICS chess client Kibitz -- updates

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    On Tuesday, July 21, 2015 at 1:37:59 AM UTC-4, iulian...@gmail.com wrote:
    And there really needs to be a special place for marketing this app for playing chess on FICS freechess.org on MAC OS X!

    Maybe a special Google Group or even better,
    to be listed with the other chess interfaces (like Raptor chess interface for MAC OS X , Babaschess , Winboard , etc) on the FICS freechess.org special link:


    Hope this helps others to find it faster!

    Thank you for your suggestion, I have reached out to Mattuc, the webmaster there, and am discussing possibly adding it to that page.

    Also, just FYI, this project is still moving. It may be the only FICS client that runs natively on OSX El Capitan. We still need some help to get more features, but I came here just to keep raising awareness of the project!

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    On Monday, September 1, 2014 at 6:46:25 AM UTC+2, William Entriken wrote:
    Hello all. If you use Mac and like to connect to FICS and you don't like Java/Flash/Wine interfaces, you may remember Kibitz.

    This project went down with Berlios when that server went down. But I have contacted the developer, gotten the code online and am working to modernize it to work for newer Mac versions.

    It's not ready for prime time now, but you may want to bookmark this page for later, or if you are interested to join the project then the more the merrier!

    LINK: https://github.com/fulldecent/kibitz

    William Entriken

    I've tried your release Version 0.0.5 from the github page and I'm getting the same problem as mentioned above: "The operation couldn't be completed. Connection refused", then it hangs with a spinner.

    I use Mac OS 10.8.5.

    Until this is fixed, you might try an alternative native client for Mac OS X, which is also written in Objective C:
    It's pretty simple, but covers the basics and might be enough for an occasional chess player.

    There's also a free one now called "Macbeth", but unfortunately it doesn't work on Mountain Lion.

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