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    I understand this is a very old post but I'm looking for a copy of Ballast. I'm in Canada so it would need to be shipped but if there is a chance you could help me track one down that would be great.

    On Friday, February 22, 2002 at 1:45:27 AM UTC-6, Claudia Schlee wrote:
    Fashionating german Board Games list ------------------------------------------------------

    Great News: Finally ---PAYPAL--- works and now we are able to accept
    money this way too. Took nearly two months to verify the account, but
    who said, that those folks at PayPal can deal with foreigners. That
    makes it even possible to accept Credit Cards this way (as I have a
    Premier account), but with a fee though.

    Currently available:

    200 Jahre Montgolfieren, Boersenkrach, Schatzsuche, Kameltreiber AG, Bei Nacht und Nebel, Till Eulenspiegel, Das verrueckte Labyrinth, Willi
    Wacker, Pharomino, Das Hornberger Schiessen, Kreuz & Quer, Schmuggler an Bord, Der Feuersalamander, Das blaue Amulett, Dollarfieber, Quattro
    Flipper, Ombagi, Last Minute, Beim Zeus, Der grosse Dalmuti, Gold am
    Yukon, Timon, Gran, Crossado, Corda, Raeuber & Gendarm, Corruption,
    Rondo, Flucht nach Vorn, Knock out, Mine!, Cest la vie, Haec Maec, Seti, Nizza, Die Augen der Kali, Das letzte Kamel, Chicago, Banda, Black Box,
    Adel verpflichtet, Zug nach Westen, Cathedral, Hans Dampf, Corona,
    Kaenguruh, Vier zu mir, Die drei Magier, Dschungo, Goldrausch, Goblins
    Gold, Der Schatz der Inka, Karl-May-Spiel, Quadrata, Bananas, Royal, Der kleine Riese Kasimir, Alcazar, Millionenpoker, Cash, Nanuuk, Zuendstoff, Quivive, Ballast, Quarto, Bataclan, Teufel Teufel, Canaletto, Stadens
    Nykel, Campus, Rennschwein Rudi Ruessel, Bumerang, Wildlife, Das
    Labyrinth der Meister, Der zerstreute Pharao, Forma, Online, Wo ist die Kokosnuss, Diamantenjagd, Attacke, Black Monday, Mississippi, Hexentanz, Komme gleich, Titanic der Mythos, Nautilus, Finish, Piratenschatz, Dow
    Jones, Seeschlacht, Kuh & Kompagnon, Nibelungen, Flucht aus Mangrovia,
    In 80 Tagen um die Erde, Nessie, Sogo, Raeuberwald, Space Walk,
    Sagaland, Up N Down, Terra Turrium, Mattix, Millionenspiel, Black Rhino, Odyssee, Grabsch, Anno 1452, Tactix, Krieg & Frieden, Pirateninsel, Auf
    der Kippe, Ronda Magica, Die Gluecksritter, Café International, Im
    Zeichen des Kreuzes, Ulysses, Venezia, Digging, Orbit, Forum Romanum,
    7th Legion & Expansion Tablin, Manhattan, Himmelsstuermer, City, Aura
    Poku, Wyatt Earp, Intrige, Vabanque, Bunker Poker, Quads, Wabanti, Full Metale Planete, Ra, Das Glastropfen-Spiel, Quits, Die verbotene Stadt, Buffalo, Jockey, Boundary, Strippensalat, Odysseus, Au Backe, Die
    Siedler von Nuernberg, Contact, Kreuzweise, Kommando, Black Vienna, Free Game, Eschnapur, Akropolis, Haithabu, Tricks, Tonga Bonga, Tutanchamun, Dampfross, Die Kette von Saba, Top Race, Knallbonbon, Mississippi Queen, Metropolis, Hase & Igel, Die Weinhaendler, Klunker


    If you search for specific games, send me your WANTED-list. I will try
    to get a copy for you and give you the opportunity to get the game,
    BEFORE it goes to the auction. I surely cant promise anything, but will
    try my best and up to now I managed to get at least 60% of the wanted
    games within a year. Its easy to get German games and I hardly get my
    hands on American ones...


    The games listed below are a collection of games that I have acquired
    over years. All are complete. As those games are German versions, they mostly do not have an English rules-book. There are several sites on the
    net (http://www.gameboardgeek.com or http://www.gamecabinet.com for
    example), where you get the rules for many games and if you have trouble
    I might help you translating some phrases.
    For pictures of the games look at Luding (http://www.spielphase.de).

    Auctions rules see below!

    No. Company Name Author Price


    #1008 Hexagames-200 Jahre Montgolfieren (Jürgen Hagedorn) 12$
    (1983 release. Try to bring your balloon to the goal, which isn't easy because of changing winds. Box shows some wear)

    #1086 Boersenkrach-Ass (Andre Francois) 5$
    (Another broker game with cards. Still in shrink)

    #1123 Schatzsuche-Jumbo (Alex Randolph) 5$
    (A game for children. Cards show some wear.)

    #1158 Kameltreiber AG-FX Schmid (Heinz Meister) 10$
    (Game in good condition)

    #1204 Bei Nacht und Nebel - Ravensburger (Manfred Ludwig) 10$
    (Excellent condition. Missing one plastic chip, which will be used to
    cover the movement fields. There should have been 5 extra chips, just
    four of them are in that game... So it really doesn't matter at all... Move around a forest with your lamp. Can you remember the way you moved

    #1258 Till Eulenspiegel-Mattel (Karl-Heinz Schmiel) 7$
    (Nominee childrens game of the year)

    #1270 Das verrueckte Labyrinth-Ravensburger (M. Kobbert) 10$
    (The german version of the A-Maze-ing Labyrinth)

    #1368 Willi Wacker-Salagames (Dan Glimne) 5$
    (Out of print and in excellent condition)

    #1397 Pharomino-Hexagames (Rudolf Bebie) 12$
    (Excellent condition and out of print. Different domino variants with
    square pieces, that may have four figures each!)

    #1403 Das Hornberger Schiessen-Zoch (Klaus Zoch, Albrecht Werstein) 7$
    (Still in shrink. Two nice card games. Out of print now)

    #1420 Kreuz & Quer-Jumbo 5$
    (Out of print)

    #1430 Schmuggler an Bord-Ravensburger (Detlef Wendt) 10$

    #1494 Der Feuersalamander-Noris (J. Ruettinger) 30$
    (Game in excellent condition. This one is the last game in the Fantasy Triology from Noris. Game graphics and components are the most
    beautiful, that Noris ever published. Try to get to the Feuersalamander
    and score points by guessing, where the animal might be...)

    #1495 Das blaue Amulett-Noris (J. Ruettinger) 30$
    (Game in excellent condition. This one is the second game in the Fantasy Triology from Noris. Game graphics and components are the most
    beautiful, that Noris ever published. This is some kind of a race among
    the princes through the kingdom to determine, who will be the next king
    after the death of their father)

    #1538 Dollarfieber-FX Schmid (Western Publishing Company) 12$
    (Business game with ups and downs of your stocks. Excellent condition,
    out of print)

    #1615 Quattro Flipper - Parker 40$
    (Very nice action game, where up to four persons try to hit the balls
    with their bats around to the opponents. Still sealed and out of print.
    Huge box)

    #1673 Ombagi - Kosmos (Reinhold Wittig) 30$
    (Game in excellent condition. 2 player game in the longish box series,
    which is long out of print)

    #1697 Last Minute - Adlung (Guenter Burkhardt) 3$
    (Essen 2000 release. Excellent condition, english rules included. Make
    your luggage ready to gain points)

    #1704 Beim Zeus - Kosmos (K. Palesch) 17$
    (still in shrink. Out of print now)

    #1796 Der grosse Dalmuti - Amigo (Richard Garfield) 3$
    (new version of a game, that formerly was published as "Karriere Poker")

    #1808 Gold am Yukon - Amigo (Reinhold Wittig) 12$
    (Everyone tries to get the best claims and walk with all of his workers around to get them. Excellent condition of the game)

    #1873 Timon - Kosmos (Dirk Hanneforth) 20$
    (Box shows some wear at one side. Old game in the longish box. Out of

    #1883 Gran - Ravensburger (Kurt Feyerabend, Tom Ring) 10$
    (Box shows some wear, material in excellent condition)

    #1889 Crossado - Hexagames (Eckhard W.Foerster) 10$
    (English/french rules included. Try to cross the sea to be the first on
    the opposite side. Game in good condition)

    #1920 Corda - Kosmos (Reinhold Wittig) 7$
    (box shows minor wear. A one player puzzle game and a game for two to
    four players are included in this old game in the square box. Great
    graphics, the game is based on the old Dschungel from Spear (author was
    Peter Pallat)...)

    #1937 Raeuber & Gendarm - Hexagames (Rudi Hoffmann) 7$
    (an older two player game, where each player has a thief and six police
    men. One of these police officers, which was chosen at the beginning of
    the game, has to catch the opposite thief. A figure may move one field
    or make a jump over another figure).

    #1960 Corruption - Eurogames (Bruno Faidutti) 7$
    (Excellent condition. Nice game, where you have to bribe communities and cities to get contracts to build monuments, houses, bridges etc. 2000 release)

    #2000 Rondo - FX Schmid (I. Abraham, E. Netz) 12$
    (still in shrink. Great word game with cards, that will be placed on a telescope arm. Also playable for foreigners. Out of print)

    #2021 Flucht nach Vorn - Spear 12$
    (Very nice 2 player game with a hexagonal board. Move straight as many
    spaces as you want. The first crossed line has to be removed. You cant
    move, if there is no line between two spaces. Are you able to stick your opponent to a position, where he cant move? Excellent condition, out of print.)

    #2026 Knock out - TM Spiele (Wolfgang Panning) 15$
    (boxing game. Excellent condition and out of print. One of the first TM-Spiele)

    #2033 Mine! - Winsome Games 45$
    (rare and searched game from Winsome Games. Excellent condition,
    unplayed. The stickers and cards are unused and have to be put onto the chips/have to be cut before the first play)

    #2058 Cest la vie - Ass (Martin Kess, Thomas Struebing) 15$
    (You want to get the apartment in this house, but all of the inhabitants
    have to agree to this. Meet them, get influence by wearing the right
    clothes and tell them only your good attributes...)

    #2066 Haec Maec - FX Schmid (Tom Schoeps) 2$
    (Great card game about making hamburgers. Copied german rules)

    #2074 Seti - Hexagames 10$
    (English/french rules included. Two player game of the ancient Egyptian
    game found in the pyramids. Game in good condition)

    #2079 Nizza - Schmidt (Wolfgang Kramer) 15$
    (Game from the "Bestseller-Serie". Excellent condition.)

    #2080 Die Augen der Kali - Schmidt (Alex Randolph) 15$
    (Game from the "Bestseller-Serie". Excellent condition)

    #2091 Das letzte Kamel - FX Schmid (Tom Schoeps) 10$
    (Great racing game with camels. Each player owns a camel and tries to
    get that one being the last to reach the goal. Fair to good condition.
    Out of print)

    #2092 Chicago - Ravensburger (Big Bad Wolf) 15$
    (In the early 30s each mafia clan tries to get the best locations and
    the most money out of restaurants and casinos. Be a winner, get the best locations and make sure your partners be lucky in confrontations. Game
    in good condition)

    #2096 Banda - Ravensburger (Alex Randolph) 10$
    (One or two player game, where you lay down tiles and try to bring your opponent to not be able to place another tile. The idea later was used
    for "Venice Connection" in some ways)

    #2099 Black Box - MB 10$
    (Its not the 2-player-game, which is still published by Franjos. This
    one is for 2-6 players, who will sink marbles into the board and try to remember, which holes are already filled. One split corner)

    #2119 Andromeda - Abacus (Alan R. Moon) 15$
    (a luck based but nice game from Alan with beautiful components.
    Excellent condition)
    bid: 15$ by Rich Sample (gone)

    #2120 Zug nach Westen - Mattel (Michael Blumoehr) 15$
    (Formerly published by Hans im Glueck as "Rock Island". Railroad Game. Excellent condition)

    #2123 Cathedral - Mattel (R.P. Moore) 20$
    (2 player game, where you build your houses next to a Cathedral. Looks
    really great, as the plastic houses are neat. Huge box)

    #2127 Hans Dampf - Blatz (Reinhold Wittig) 15$
    (still in shrink!)

    #2150 Corona - Ravensburger (Alex Randolph) 15$
    (This one is from the Casino Series and still has the banderole. This
    great game was later published as a part of Orbit by Kosmos)

    #2151 Kaenguruh - MB 5$
    (2 player game in the small box. Move your kangaroos and jump over
    opposite creatures to beat them. If you aren't able to jump anymore, you
    lost the game. Easy rules, but tricky. Excellent condition)
    bid: 5$ by Scott Henshaw (1x)

    #2156 Vier zu mir - Ass (Heike Baum) 15$
    (Childrens game of the year in 1996. Great memory-clone game with nice components. Same fun (or even more) for adults!!!!)

    #2162 Die drei Magier - Noris (J. Ruettinger) 25$
    (Nice 3 player game with beautiful components. Was part of the Fantasy
    series by Noris.)

    #2169 Dschungo - Ass 10$
    (old chinese 2 player game, which was published in the 70s by Ass. Looks
    a little like Stratego...)

    #2183 Goldrausch - Hans im Glueck (Reiner Knizia) 5$
    (His first game release at all (together with Digging by Hexagames).
    Game in excellent condition)

    #2184 Goblins Gold - Jumbo 15$
    (Nice game, where a wizard tries to find the treasure in a labyrinth.)

    #2186 Der Schatz der Inka - Ravensburger (Edith Grein Boettcher) 12$
    (Find the treasure of the Inka and return it safely to the camp)

    #2187 Karl May-Spiel - Ravensburger (Wolfgang Riedesser) 12$

    #2189 Quadrata - Ravensburger 7$
    (Old game from 60s/70s. Roll the dice and get a tile with the same
    number. Put this one at your own game board and try to build a defined
    square there. If you cant use that tile, put it aside. Be fast and
    re-build your square, as the others roll to get as much positive points
    and hardly no negative one, if someone finishes his square)

    #2191 Bananas - Goldsieber (Johannes Tranelis) 7$
    (Excellent condition. Out of print.)

    #2197 Royal - Ass 10$
    (A board game based on cards. Try to move the King, the Queen and the
    Peasant (?) around the course by playing the right cards. Excellent condition)

    #2200 Der kleine Riese Kasimir - Goldsieber (Ruediger Dorn) 7$
    (Another nice "Maxi in der Minibox" game, suitable for children and
    adults. Excellent condition)

    #2201 Alcazar - Ravensburger (Martin Davison) 7$
    (2-player-game from the travellers series. Move your knight around the course, exchange walls and try to get to the opponents castle as soon as
    you can. Good to excellent condition)

    #2203 Millionenpoker - FX Schmid (Klaus Kreowski) 5$
    (A very funny and light card game, where you simply have to get some suitcases with money and a special gangster-card to win. But players
    will attack you permanently with their cards...)

    #2219 Nanuuk - Bambus Spieleverlag (Guenter Cornett) 12$
    (Excellent condition. Nice game about the inuit and the cracking of ice.
    Hunt for animals but always think of a way back to your home)

    #2230 Zuendstoff - 1x1 Spiele (Michael Kiesling) 10$
    (This one is a solo project of Michael Kiesling with his own board game company. Be the first to move to the sun and back. Nice moving system
    and a variable board make this one interesting).

    #2240 Quivive - Gigamic 13$
    (Excellent condition. Wooden tiles. English rules included!)

    #2241 Ballast - Gigamic 13$
    (Excellent condition. Wooden tiles. English rules included!)

    #2242 Quarto - Gigamic 13$
    (Excellent condition. Wooden tiles. English rules included!)

    #2244 Bataclan - Gigamic 13$
    (Excellent condition. Wooden tiles. English rules included!)

    #2245 Teufel Teufel - Salagames (Andreas Steiner, Hartmut Witt) 12$

    #2261 Canaletto - Hans im Glueck (Guenter Cornett) 10$
    (An auctioning game based in Venezia/Venice, where you try to grab the
    best values. Out of print now. Although not in shrink, the game is still unpunched)

    #2266 Stadens Nykel - Casper (Dan Glimne) 50$
    (Still in shrink, out of print. Swedish version, english rules at the GamingDumpster)

    #2279 Campus - Amigo (Andre Francois) 20$
    (Nominee game of the year 1985. Quite sought after game for 1 or 2
    players. Components still unpunched, just the shrink of the box was
    removed. Box shows minor shelf wear.)

    #2280 Rennschwein Rudi Ruessel - Spieleagentur (Donna Schmidt-Abels) 10$

    (A game for 3-4 players in excellent condition. Each player has a pig
    that tries to rush as fast as possible around a course. But in between
    each one tries to stop the others to win the race... Based on a famous
    german movie, sold by Blatz, made by the advertising company of Hans im Glueck)

    #2281 Bumerang - Ravensburger (Peter Pallat) 7$
    (The box says: You have to be on your toes in this game. The men jump
    back and forth - the men you wanted to capture can suddenly capture you!
    The player who captures the given number of men wins. Players who make a triangle of immediate men may set one of their captured men free. In
    this way its fun and thrills right up to the end. Good to excellent condition. English rules included)

    #2291 Wildlife - Ravensburger 10$
    (Orange box, same size as Automobile fuer die Welt or Oel fuer uns alle.
    Its not "Abenteuer Tierwelt", else this is a different game, where you
    run around and try to find animals for your zoo)

    #2292 Das Labyrinth der Meister - Ravensburger (Max J. Kobbert) 10$
    (Box in good, Material in excellent condition. This is the expert
    version of "Amazing Labyrinth" (?))

    #2293 Der zerstreute Pharao - Ravensburger (Gunter Baars) 15$
    (Game in excellent condition. Move the pyramids around and get to the
    right treasures to gain victory points.)

    #2294 Forma - Ravensburger (H.J. Geesink) 10$
    (Old classic from the Casino Series. Each player tries to lay tiles and
    cross the sides with them. Also gain victory points by surrounding
    blocks at the board with you different shaped forms. Good to excellent condition for this oldie, including the banderole)

    #2295 Online - Franjos (Hartmut Kommerell) 15$
    (Still in shrink. The first edition, which later was renamed to Offline.
    Same game, just the box looks different.)

    #2303 Wo ist die Kokosnuss - Staupe Spiele (Reinhard Staupe) 2$
    (Essen 2000 release. New and still in shrink)
    bid: 2$ by Scott Henshaw (1x)

    #2309 Diamantenjagd - Schmidt 5$
    (The great deduction game. Box shows minor wear, Cards are in good to excellent condition)

    #2315 Attacke - FX Schmid (Reiner Knizia) 15$
    (Another good card game from the famous author. Excellent condition. Out
    of print)
    bid: 15$ by Steve Bell (2x)

    #2316 Black Monday - Salagames (Sid Sackson) 7$
    (Excellent condition. Out of print. A card game where you buy and trade stocks)

    #2339 Hexentanz - FX Schmid (Bjoern Hoelle) 10$
    (Nominee Game of the Year 1989. Red Box of the re-Print. Big Dancing
    around the fire. Each player may move any of the figures around. If it
    meets another figure, the moving one will walk seven places back. Is
    there another figure, the moving one will walk additional seven fields.
    All figures look the same, can you catch your 4 figures and move them to
    your goal? Great memory like game with very much fun.)
    bid: 10$ by Michel Herment

    #2347 Komme gleich - Ass (Uwe Rosenberg) 3$
    (Excellent condition. Out of print now. Nice card game for 2-6 players
    age 10+. Get the right menu cards and place them in order to get extra money.)
    bid: 3$ by Michel Herment

    #2350 Titanic der Mythos - Adlung (Bernhard Naegele) 3$
    (The very nice card game from Adlung about the sinking of the big ship Titanic.)
    bid: 3$ by Michel Herment

    #2352 Nautilus - Peri (McGuire Brothers) 10$
    (older Peri-Title for 2-4 players with age 7+. Can you find the four
    marked figures in your colour and bring them next to each other?)

    #2353 Finish - Pelikan (E. Siena) 15$
    (Bookcase game, where you bet on horses and try to get as much money as possible. Before the run, you have to buy the horses and get Jockeys for them. Who will have the best pair to make the best runs?)

    #2355 Piratenschatz - Piatnik (Jim Winslow) 10$
    (One of the two players will hide three treasures and the other one
    should guess, where those treasures are on the lost island. Nice
    deduction game)

    #2356 Dow Jones - Blatz (Reinhold Wittig) 10$
    (Run for the money and get as many stocks at the market, as possible)

    #2357 Seeschlacht - FX Schmid (Rudolf Ross) 10$
    (very old strategy game from 1975, where two fleets battle against each others and try to get their ships to the opposite harbour.)

    #2358 Das letzte Paradies - Kosmos (Reiner Knizia) 25$
    (Excellent condition. Out of print. Each player tries to get places and
    build either hotels or keep the tropical woods to attract tourists on an island.)
    bid: 28$ by Shyam Kumar (gone)
    bid: 25$ by Craig Massey

    #2360 Kuh & Kompagnon - Ass (C. Lowe/Games Talk) 12$
    (Each player has his own ground, play cards and tries to draw the right
    food to attract the cow. Can be quite a lot of fun)

    #2366 Nibelungen - Amigo (Wolfgang Kramer) 15$
    (Another nice board game from Amigo. Try to collect treasures but beware
    of three giants, that move on the board aswell. Later republished in a modified version called Piraten Pitt by Haba. Excellent condition. Out
    of print)

    #2367 Flucht aus Mangrovia - Mattel (Roland Siegers) 12$
    (Excellent condition. Be clever and play your cards the right way to
    walk as much with your figures as possible. Can you escape from the
    Jungle? Out of print)

    #2372 In 80 Tagen um die Erde - Ravensburger (Wolfgang Kramer) 5$
    (Box shows wear and is damaged on one corner. A race around the world in
    just 80 days. Out of print now.)

    #2373 Nessie - Silver Bear (Trevor Pepperell) 15$
    (Try to make photos of Nessie, the sea monster. Check the lake, position
    your equipment and get the facts, that make you a known and wealthy man
    for the newspapers. Still in shrink!)

    #2378 Sogo - Ravensburger 5$
    (Very nice wooden pearls included. This one was a part in the Traveller-Series, produced 1975. Box and material in excellent
    condition. Its some kind of a three dimensional four-in-a-row and
    includes rules in English)

    #2387 Raeuberwald - Piatnik (Geni Wyss) 10$
    (Nice game for 2-4 players with 6+ age. Find the hidden treasures in the forest and bring your opponents to your way.)

    #2389 Space Walk - Ravensburger (Ruediger Dorn) 12$
    (1999 release, still in shrink. Move your space ships around the circle
    and try to avoid the black holes. You only may move figures on a field,
    where at least one own ship is located. The biggest ship just moves one,
    the next ship two and then three fields, depending on the size of the
    space ship. If more ships have the same size, you may choose, which one
    has to fly less fields).

    #2390 Sagaland - Ravensburger (Alex Randolph, Michel Matschoss) 10$
    (Good to excellent condition. Out of print now. Game of the year 1982)

    #2392 Up N Down - Adlung (Karsten Adlung) 2$
    (Excellent condition. Out of print now)

    #2402 Terra Turrium - Kosmos (Wolfgang Kramer) 50$
    (still in shrink. Great game with beautiful components. Try to build
    towers and move your figures to the top of them)

    #2403 Mattix - Berliner (Orda Ltd) - 12$
    (The board is just 6x6 spaces. First you will mix tiles with numbers and place them face down on the board. One player will take tiles
    vertically, the other horizontally. All tiles will then be turned. One
    player starts and takes a tile. He marks that row afterwards. The other
    one now has to take a tile in that row. If all tiles are taken or if no
    one can get a tile anymore, each player adds his numbers on the won
    tiles... Sounds simple, but it's a very good game. Good to excellent condition)

    #2405 Millionenspiel - Ravensburger (R. Koltze) 10$
    (Game of the year nominee 1982. Bet and win a millon $. Nice casino like game. Excellent condition)

    #2407 Black Rhino - Ass (Maureen Hiron) 3$
    (Out of print. Excellent condition. Card game, where you collect three
    cards of the same type. Choose to draw a card from the stock pile or
    from the known thrown away pile. If you get three of a kind, show them,
    gain points and add cards to your hand until you reach six. You may
    choose to take them from either pile(s).)

    #2408 Odyssee - Hexagames (Hartmut Witt) 15$
    (still in shrink. Out of print. Older theme based game, where players
    drive around and visit greek islands, where one can place one of his
    chips. If you visited 10 out of 15 islands, you may sail home again, if
    the wind and the other players allow you ;) )

    #2410 Grabsch - Oxygame 5$
    (New, unused. Out of print. Game in a wooden box. Havent played my copy, that's why I cant tell you anything about it. This is my second copy)

    #2418 Anno 1452 - Piatnik (Gerhard Kodys) 15$
    (2000 release. Still in shrink. This is the improved second edition!)
    bid: 21$ by Rich Sample (2x)
    bid: 20$ by Joe Engalan
    bid: 18$ by Doug Chorey

    #2419 Tactix - Schmidt 15$
    (1998 release. Still in shrink. Formerly published as Duell by Parker.
    Move your wooden dice around the board. The number on top of the dice indicates the movement you have to make with it. Flip it around, but you
    just can change the direction one time during your move. Clever game,
    out of print.)

    #2420 Minister - TM Spiele (Rudi Hoffmann) 15$
    (1998 release. Still in shrink. Great dice based election game)
    bid: 15$ by Rich Sample (gone)

    #2421 Krieg & Frieden - TM Spiele (Gerald Mulder) 15$
    (1999 release, still in shrink.)
    bid: 18$ by Denis Meyer
    bid: 17$ by Scott Henshaw

    #2423 Pirateninsel - Schmidt (David Watts) 15$
    (Excellent condition. Out of print. Nice pirate game, where you try to
    catch the treasure and move it from the island).

    #2426 Auf der Kippe - Piatnik (Pressman Toy Corporation) 12$
    (Excellent condition. Roll the dice and place a chip from the lower part
    of the game board to the top. Beware to place it a way, the game board doesn't flip or you loose everything. Very nice action game)

    #2429 Ronda Magica - Kosmos (Tom Schoeps) 75$
    (Good to excellent condition, out of print. The best game from the Franckh-Kosmos & Edition Perlhuhn series, quite rare ! Box has some
    minor wear at the side & top, but nothing spectacular)

    #2431 Die Gluecksritter - Schmidt (Klaus Kreowski) 15$
    (Still in shrink. Very nice bluffing game for four players... Out of print now. If you want, I can remove the shrink and let the game be signed by
    the author)
    bid: 15$ by Steve Bell (2x)

    #2432 Musketiere - Hexagames (Franz Josef Lamminger) 7$
    (English rules included. Very nice card game, where you try to beat the sheriff together, but only the ones with good cards will get diamonds
    for that. Game still in shrink. Out of print now.)
    bid: 8$ by Rich Sample (gone)
    bid: 7 by Craig Massey

    #2436 Columbus - Schmidt (Marius Mayer) 15$
    (Follow Christoph Columbus and sail towards the promised lands. Are you
    able to find an island and return with the message to your king?)
    bid: 15$ by Rich Sample (gone)

    #2437 Café International - Relaxx (Rudi Hoffmann) 15$
    (Great tile laying game, where you have to score by placing the right
    persons at the tables or next to the bar. Game of the year 1989.
    Excellent condition. Company went out of business shortly after the

    #2438 Im Zeichen des Kreuzes - Queen Games (R. Hofstaetter, P.
    Hugelmann) 15$
    (2001 release. Excellent condition. Move to Jerusalem and beat the unbeliefable (?) people...)
    bid: 25$ by Rdeech (1x)
    bid: 24$ by Shyam Kumar

    #2439 Ulysses - Winning Moves (A. Angiolino, P. Paglia) 15$
    (2001 release. Excellent condition. Your goal is to sail to four
    different locations and be the first to get rid off his destination
    cards. Be clever to bring your opponents your way and gain the victory
    before they arrive at their places)
    bid: 19$ by Jeff See (1x)
    bid: 18$ by Rich Sample

    #2440 Venezia - Queen Games (R. Hofstaetter) 15$
    (2001 release. Excellent condition. You play doves in Venice. Your clan
    tries to get majority in some areas in Venice and score victory points
    there. Go to the plaza and get food from tourists to gain new doves)

    #2443 Digging - Hexagames (Reiner Knizia) 5$
    (Reiner Knizias first published game. Out of print and in shrink)
    bid: 6$ by Steve Bell (2x)
    bid: 5$ by Rich Sample

    #2444 Orbit - Kosmos (Alex Randolph) 25$
    (Box is still in shrink. Great collection from Alex with three games.
    One of them is "Corona" (formerly published in the famous Casino Serie
    from Ravensburger). Beautiful equipment, as all the old Kosmos
    titles...Still one of my favourites of all time. English version of the Corona game is called Moonstar, if I remember right)

    #2445 Forum Romanum - Kosmos (Wolfgang Kramer) 30$
    (Still in shrink and out of print. This is the grey version. Excellent
    bid: 35$ by Shyam Kumar
    bid: 33$ by Craig Massey

    #2448 7th Legion & Expansion Tablin - International Team 50$
    (very rare game from International Team. Unplayed, just the shrink was removed. Seems to be some kind of a role playing game with a science
    fiction theme, but I am not sure...)

    #2450 Manhattan - Hans im Glueck (Andreas Seyfarth) 15$
    (Game of the Year 1994. Excellent condition.)
    bid: 19$ by Michel Herment (2x)
    bid: 18$ by Rich Sample

    #2452 Himmelsstuermer - Parker (Nik Sewell/3 Wishes) 15$
    (Game in excellent condition. Out of print)

    #2453 City - Jumbo (Wolfgang Kramer, Andreas Spottog) 15$
    (Excellent condition. Out of print. Very nice game, where you move
    Customers and try to get them into your businesses. It is not an old
    version of Marra Cash, although the theme is nearly the same. Nice components)

    #2454 Aura Poku - Blatz (Reinhold Wittig) 12$
    (still in shrink. Help the Queen to cross Africa, before her bad brother reaches the safe land. Sometimes you might help others to cross rivers,
    but rivalry among the players is always there. Beautiful game, where
    each player tries to reach the goal with his figures. You might deal
    with others to gain spaces, but beware of the end of the game, where the
    "bad brother" of your princess appears.)

    #2455 Wyatt Earp - Alea (R. Borg, M. Fitzgerald) 7$
    (2001 release. Excellent condition.)
    bid: 12$ by Denis Meyer
    bid: 11$ by Rich Sample
    bid: 7$ by Stephen Dahlin

    #2457 Intrige - FX Schmid (Stefan Dorra) 15$
    (A game, where you might loose some friends ;) You will love or hate
    this game, where words and contracts from others aren't worth anything
    during the game. Out of print, in excellent condition)
    bid: 19$ by Mark Edwards
    bid: 18$ by Jeff See
    bid: 15$ by Craig Massey

    #2458 Vabanque - Winning Moves (Bruno Faidutti, Leo Colovini) 1$
    (2001 release. Box is heavily damaged on top (title graphics are split
    into some pieces, all of them still connected to the rest of the box, so
    it can be taped), as something seems to have hit it. The components
    however arent damaged and in excellent condition. Playable, nothing for
    a collector, who wants perfect copies, hehe)
    bid: 7$ by Michel Herment
    bid: 6$ by Rich Sample
    bid: 5$ by Stephen Dahlin
    bid: 4$ by Denis Meyer
    bid: 1$ by Ralph Hyde

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