• World Championship of Chinese Chess, Round 1

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    World Championship of Chinese Chess, Round 1

    I am playing in the World Championship of Chinese Chess or Xiangqi in Munich Germany.
    I just completed my first round game. I seemed to be playing well and possibly even to be winning. Unfortunately, I blundered on move 26 and lost.
    My first round opponent was the Champion of Vietnam. Here is the game:
    P = Pawn or Soldier
    C = Cannon
    H = Horse or Knight
    R = Rook or Chariot
    E = Elephant or Bishop or Minister
    G = Guard
    K = King or General

    Red Sam Sloan (USA)
    Black Lai Ly Huyhn (Vietnam)

    1. C2=4 C2=5
    2. H8+7 H2+3
    3. H2+3 H8+9
    4. R1=2 R8+9
    5. P3+1 R1=2
    6. R8=9 R2+4
    7. E7+5 P9+1
    8. R2+7 C8=6
    9. R2+3 H9-8
    10. G6+5 P3+1
    11. C8=9 R2+5
    12. H7-8 C5+4
    13. C4+7 K5=6
    14. H3+5 P5+1
    15. H5+4 H8+9
    16. C9=7 E7+5
    17. P9+1 H9+8
    18. H8+9 H3+4
    19. H9+8 H8+6
    20. H8+7 H6+4
    21. C7=6 H4+3
    22. H7+6 G4+5
    23. H4+5 H3+2
    24. H5-4 C6+2
    25. H6+7 C6+1
    26. H7+5 H2-4 check
    27. G6+5 C6=5 check
    28. C4+5 H4+5 check
    29. K5=4 C5=6 checkmate

    Comments and corrections will be welcomed appreciated. If there are any errors in the score please let me know.
    My blunder was on move 26 dropping a horse or mate
    Sam Sloan

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