• World Championship of Chinese Chess, Round 5

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    World Championship of Chinese Chess, Round 5
    I just defeated Li Quy Cuong, a Chinese player from Finland. I am playing in the World Championship of Chinese Chess or Xiangqi in Munich Germany. It is rare for any of the non-Chinese players to defeat a Chinese player in these events so I am happy with
    this result.
    The game lasted 100 moves!!! In Chinese chess it is not uncommon for a game of Chinese chess to last one hundred moves or even two hundred moves although most games are over within 30 moves.
    My opponent said that he had studied my games and had prepared a line to play against me. This is another first. I have never had an opponent study my past games and prepare to play me in Chinese chess although this commonly happens in International
    Unfortunately because the game I won took 100 moves I have not yet been able to retype it and post it here.
    In this event, the winner of each game is required to post the moves to the database. This is another cost-saving measure introduced in this event. The players in these events have been used to being accommodated in the ultimate luxury in these events,
    including five-star hotel rooms. Thus we were surprised at the third class accommodations.
    There is also no wall chart so we do not know the results of the other games or who is winning the tournament except for a bare pairing sheet.
    First prize for non-Chinese is 3000 Euros. This is an improvement over previous years.
    The games will eventually be available by a Google search of XQ Studio and ccbridge. The pairings and individual results are available starting from
    http://dpxq.com/hldcg/round_3001_1.html http://dpxq.com/hldcg/round_3001_2.html
    There you can see that my Chinese name is
    Sloan Sam

    ?? means American

    The complete database of players of Chinese chess is at http://www.01xq.com/xqplayer/xqplist.asp?q=000085 Chinese Chess Players database
    My own individual games are at http://www.01xq.com/xqplayer/xqplayer.asp?pid=5461 Games by Sam Sloan
    You can see that one game is
    SiLong 0-2 LaiLiXiong 2015 14th World XiangQi Championship Men's Division However, SiLong is actually me. It is a translation back into English of the Chinese translation of my name Sloan
    Sam Sloan

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