• World Championship of Chinese Chess, Round 8 in Munich Germany

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    World Championship of Chinese Chess, Round 8 in Munich Germany

    I lost two games to Japanese players. In round 8 I faced a German player. It proved to be an exciting though flawed game. My opponent played some weak moves in the opening and I gained the advantage. However, somehow I lost the thread and he got back
    into the game. At the end he started trying to win. However, he overlooked a tricky move I had and I won the game.
    This leaves me with 6 points. I won three games and each win counts for 2 points. Naturally I would like to win the 3,000 Euros first prize for non-Chinese. However, that is no longer possible because an Indonesian player has 9 points. Two German players
    have 8 points but they are playing each other in the last round. So, the best I can do if I win my last game is tie for 3rd, 4th, and 5th place which is about worth about 800 Euros.
    Still that is a lot better than the prize I win at most chess tournaments.
    Here is the game:
    P = Pawn or Soldier
    C = Cannon
    H = Horse or Knight
    R = Rook or Chariot
    E = Elephant or Bishop or Minister
    G = Guard
    K = King or General

    Red Ingo Naumann (Germany)
    Black Sam Sloan (USA)
    25 August 2015

    1. P3+1 H8+7
    2. H8+7 C2=4
    3. R9+1 H2+3
    4. H2+3 R1+2
    5. H3+2 G6+5
    6. R1+1 P3+1
    7. R1=6 R2+6
    8. C2+5 C4=8
    9. C8-2 R2=3
    10. C8+7 E7+5
    11. R9+1 R3=2
    12. C8=5 E3+5
    13. H2+3 R2=3
    14. R9=8 E5-3
    15. P3+1 C8+5
    16. R8+5 C8-5
    17. P3=2 R9=8
    18. P2+1 C8=9
    19. P2=1 H7+9
    20. R8=7 C9=7
    21. R6+1 C7+7
    22. G4+5 R8+9
    23. H3+1 C7=4 check
    24. G4-5 R8+9
    25. R6+4 C6=3
    26. K5+1 R8-8
    27. R4=3 R3=5 check
    28. H7+5 C3-7
    29. H1+3 K5=6
    30. H5+4 C3=6
    31. H4+2 K6+1
    32. K5=4 H9+8
    33. H2+4 H8+7
    Here Red tried to play H4+2 winning the rook but that move is illegal because the two kings cannot face each other. So, Red resigned because his position is hopeless as all of his pieces will be lost.
    Instead Red could have played 33. R3+2 and Black must play H8+9 and the game is complex.
    Comments and corrections will be welcomed and appreciated. If there are any errors in the score please let me know.
    Sam Sloan

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