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    Mark Brader:
    These questions were written to be asked in Toronto on 2012-01-23,
    and should be interpreted accordingly... For further information...
    see my 2021-07-20 companion posting on "Reposted Questions from
    the Canadian Inquisition (RQFTCI*)".

    Game 1 is over and the winner by all of 11 points is
    JOSHUA KREITZER. Congratulations, eh?

    ** Game 1, Round 9 - History - US Presidential Trivia

    All questions refer to US presidents.

    Several questions ask you to name a president. If any of the
    answers have the same surname as another president, you must
    make it clear which one you mean.

    1. Who """has been""" the only president to serve two
    non-consecutive terms?

    Grover Cleveland. (Still true.) 4 for Joshua, Dan Tilque, Dan Blum,
    and Pete.

    2. Who """is""" the oldest person to be elected president?

    2012 answer: Ronald Reagan (age 69 on election day, 73 when
    reelected). 2021 answer: Joe Biden (77 on election day).
    4 for everyone -- Joshua, Erland, Dan Tilque, Dan Blum, and Pete.

    3. Who was the first president born outside the area that is now
    the contiguous United States?

    Barack Obama. (Hawaii.) 4 for Joshua, Erland, Dan Tilque,
    and Dan Blum.

    In 2012 Stan Brown noted:
    The smear campaigns of contemporary "birthers" are not a new
    phenomenon. After posting my answer, I... found that Chester
    A. Arthur was inaccurately accused of being Canadian!

    And I responded:
    Yeah, I knew about that... US politics in the late 19th century
    may well have had even worse excesses of partisanship than we've
    been seeing in recent election cycles. Compare the total screw-up
    of the 1876 election to the one in 2000, for example.

    However, I rather think that that remark of mine is now out of date!

    I also noted:

    Of course, Arthut's citizenship might not have mattered if Alexander
    Graham Bell had known about mattresses with metal springs.

    4. Who """has been""" the only person unanimously elected president
    by the Electoral College?

    George Washington. (Still true.) 4 for everyone.

    5. Before the 12th Amendment was passed in 1804, how was the
    vice-president determined?

    The presidential candidate receiving the second-most electoral votes.
    4 for Joshua, Erland, Dan Tilque, and Dan Blum.

    6. Which president signed the treaty to purchase Alaska from Russia?

    Andrew Johnson. (Both names or an indication thereof required.)
    4 for Joshua, Dan Tilque, and Pete. 2 for Dan Blum.

    7. Who was the first president to appoint an African-American to
    the Supreme Court?

    Lyndon Johnson. (Both names or an indication thereof required.)
    4 for Joshua and Dan Blum.

    8. Who was the first president to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

    Theodore Roosevelt (1906, for brokering an end to the Russo-Japanese
    War; both names or an indication thereof required). 4 for Joshua,
    Dan Tilque, and Dan Blum.

    9. Walt Whitman's poem "Oh Captain, My Captain" was written about
    which president?

    Abraham Lincoln. 4 for Joshua and Dan Blum.

    10. By what name is the commission established to investigate John
    F. Kennedy's assassination known?

    The Warren Commission. 4 for everyone.

    ** Game 1, Round 10 - Canadiana Challenge Round

    * A. Canadian Geography

    A1. Canada's 15 highest mountains are all located in what
    *specific* mountain range? The answer """is""" also the
    name of the second-highest peak in that range.

    St. Elias Mtns. (part of the Coast Ranges, not the Rockies; still

    A2. In what year was the """most recent""" territory in Canada

    1999. (Nunavut. Still true.) 4 for Erland.

    * B. Canadian History

    B1. Who led the Métis in the rebellions at the Red River in
    1870 and in the Northwest in 1885?

    Louis Riel. 4 for Joshua and Dan Blum.

    He was elected to Parliament in 1873, exiled in 1875, executed for
    treason in 1885, and recognized as a Father of Confederation in 1992.

    B2. What political post """is""" Bonar Law the only Canadian
    to have held?

    Prime Minister of the UK. (Still true.) 4 for Joshua.

    He was born in New Brunswick when it was still a British colony, and
    moved with his family to Britain shortly after Canada was unified as
    a dominion, but that's sufficient to reasonably count him as Canadian.
    In actual citizenship terms, he was never anything but a British
    subject; British citizenship was not distinguished from Canadian
    until much later, and from the (remaining) colonies still later.

    * C. Canadian 2010 Olympic Gold Medalists

    C1. Name either member of the Canadian ice dance team that took
    gold in Vancouver.

    Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir. 4 for Pete.

    C2. In what sport did Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyse
    take gold?


    * D. Canadian Actors in America

    D1. This native of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, was the host
    of two of the longest-running shows in broadcast history:
    "House Party", which ran for 25 years on CBC TV and radio,
    and "People are Funny", which ran on NBC for 19 years.
    Name him.

    Art Linkletter. 4 for Joshua and Dan Blum.

    D2. This Canadian actress was the former host of the Canadian
    children's TV series "Popular Mechanics for Kids", before
    she began her Hollywood career at 17. There she landed
    the role of the daughter of CTU agent Jack Bauer in the
    TV series "24", and then went on to star in the 2003 film
    "The Girl Next Door". Name her.

    Elisha Cuthbert. 4 for Joshua.

    * E. Canadian Franchise Opportunities

    In both cases, the chain is still around but I have not tried to
    check on the other details indicated.

    E1. """For a minimum investment of $650,000, you could own"""
    a location of this proven and successful Canadian favorite
    restaurant chain specializing in gastronomic breakfasts and
    healthy lunches. Open since 1987, this franchise """now"""
    has locations on Blue Jays Way and Carlton St. Name it.


    E2. """For a minimum investment of $300,000 you could get"""
    the growth of a start-up, backed by the world's most
    successful bakery network, Bakers Delight. The company's
    success can be attributed to the quality of its product
    and warm and friendly customer service. There """is"""
    a location in the Annex and one in the Beaches. Name it.

    Cobs Bread.

    * F. Canadian Currency

    F1. In the 1986 Birds of Canada series of bills, on what
    denomination would you have found the American robins?

    $2 (with the Queen on the front).

    F2. In the 1986 Birds of Canada series of bills, on what
    denomination would you have found the belted kingfisher?

    $5 (with Sir Wilfrid Laurier on the front).

    Production of $2 bills ended when the $2 coin was introduced in 1996. Production of the remaining Birds of Canada bills ended in 2004-06
    when the Canadian Journey bills appeared.

    Scores, if there are no errors:

    GAME 1 ROUNDS-> 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 BEST
    TOPICS-> Geo Spo Mis Ent Lit Sci His Can SIX
    Joshua Kreitzer 40 32 36 27 26 14 40 16 201
    Dan Blum 39 11 32 29 28 24 38 8 190
    Dan Tilque 40 16 20 12 28 12 32 0 148
    Pete Gayde 40 28 20 12 4 0 20 4 124
    Erland Sommarskog 40 0 8 0 -- -- 20 4 72

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    msb@vex.net | Leave the driving to us!" --Wayne & Shuster

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