• RQFTCIMM11 Game 10, Rounds 2-3 answers: Empire lit, center of universe

    From Mark Brader@21:1/5 to All on Fri Nov 12 23:11:26 2021
    Mark Brader:
    These questions were written to be asked in Toronto on 2011-07-18,
    and should be interpreted accordingly... For further information...
    see my 2021-07-20 companion posting on "Reposted Questions from
    the Canadian Inquisition (RQFTCI*)".

    * Game 10..., Round 1 - Current Events (excerpt)

    Answer these 2011 questions if you like for fun, but for no points.

    1. Another celebrity newborn with a ridiculous name: "Harper
    Seven" came into the world last week. Who are her parents?
    (Last name is sufficient.)

    Victoria and David Beckham.

    2. He created "The Brady Bunch" and "Gilligan's Island".
    He died last week at age 94. Who was he?

    Sherwood Schwartz. Joshua and Pete got this.

    * Game 10, Round 2 - Literature - The Empire Writes Back

    These questions deal with modern writers from India and the
    subcontinent, writers on India, and writings from the diaspora.

    1. In 1986, this Calcutta-born author made literary waves
    with his first fiction, "The Golden Gate", a novel in verse.
    But it was his second novel, the 1500-page "A Suitable Boy",
    published in 1993, that made him an international best-seller.
    Name him.

    Vikram Seth. 4 for Joshua.

    2. Vikas Swarup is both India's consul-general to Osaka-Kobe and
    a successful novelist. His prize-winning debut, 2005's "Q&A",
    was transformed into a prize-winning movie -- under what title?

    "Slumdog Millionaire". 4 for Dan Blum and Joshua.

    3. Did Dr. Aziz really assault Adela Quested in the caves of
    Marabar, or was that all a product of her repressed English
    imagination? And where is Mrs. Moore when you need her?
    East meets West somewhat disastrously in this classic
    1924 novel. Name it.

    "A Passage to India". 4 for Joshua.

    4. "I was born in the city of Bombay... in Doctor Narlikar's
    Nursing Home on August 15th, 1947... Clock-hands joined
    palms in respectful greeting as I came... At the precise
    instant of India's arrival at independence, I tumbled forth
    into the world." Name Salman Rushdie's epic novel of the
    birth of India.

    "Midnight's Children". 4 for Dan Blum and Joshua. 3 for Pete.

    5. Poet, playwright, novelist, painter, prolific composer.
    Bengal and India's greatest literary figure, and """so far"""
    the only Indian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1913.
    Name him.

    Rabindranath Tagore. (Still true.) 4 for Dan Blum and Joshua.

    6. Born in Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1865, his parents sent him
    to be raised in England at the age of 5. He would return
    to India at 16 to work as a journalist, but his most beloved
    work on India -- featuring such characters Bagheera, Akela,
    and Kaa the python -- was largely written in a wooden house
    in Vermont in the dead of winter. Who was he?

    Rudyard Kipling ("The Jungle Book"). 4 for Dan Blum, Joshua,
    and Dan Tilque.

    7. Also born in Bombay, educated at U of T, resident of Brampton.
    Recipient of the Governor-General's award, the Giller Prize,
    and the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, and short-listed for
    the Booker. Most lucratively, his novel "A Fine Balance"
    was selected for Oprah's Book Club. Who are we talking about?

    Rohinton Mistry.

    8. This Indian writer's first novel, "The God of Small Things",
    won the Booker Prize and hit #4 on the New York Times
    best-seller list in 1997. But the world is still waiting
    for the follow-up, as the author devotes herself full-time
    to social and political activism. Name her.

    Arundhati Roy. 4 for Joshua.

    9. In this popular 2003 novel, later made into a movie,
    Bangladesh-born Monica Ali portrays the lives of London's
    Bangladeshi community. The novel takes its name from the
    street at the heart of the community. Name it.

    "Brick Lane".

    10. Like mother like daughter. Mother Anita has been short-listed
    for the Booker """three""" times, including 1980's "Clear Light
    of Day". Daughter Kiran won it in 2006 for "The Inheritance
    of Loss". Their family name?

    Desai. (Still true.)

    * Game 10, Round 3 - Geography - Toronto Really is the Center of the Universe!

    But on the off chance that you want to go somewhere else,
    you need to know the way. So, we name a city. On the map, <http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/msb/gXr3/univ.png>, you tell the
    letter of the line radiating from Toronto where that city lies.
    Answers do not repeat.

    1. Chicago IL.

    T. 4 for everyone -- Dan Blum, Joshua, Erland, Dan Tilque, and Pete.

    2. Cleveland OH.

    Q. 4 for Erland. 3 for Pete. 2 for Joshua.

    3. Detroit MI.

    S. 4 for Dan Blum, Joshua, Dan Tilque, and Pete.

    4. Montréal QC.

    F. 4 for Joshua, Dan Tilque, and Pete.

    5. New York NY.

    K. 4 for Dan Blum, Joshua, Dan Tilque, and Pete.

    6. North Bay ON.

    A. 2 for Pete.

    7. Ottawa ON.

    E. 4 for Dan Tilque.

    8. Pittsburgh PA.


    9. Sault Ste. Marie ON.

    X. 4 for Joshua, Dan Tilque, and Pete.

    10. Washington DC.

    M. 4 for Dan Blum, Dan Tilque, and Pete. 3 for Joshua.

    As to the other 16 lines on the map, many of them don't have any
    places on them as notable as the 10 places listed above. For each
    of the other 16 lines, I've picked *two* places, some of them not
    at all notable, that are either in or just beyond the mapped area,
    and are on or close to the respective lines.

    So if you're interested, for fun but for no points... The possible
    answers are BCDGHIJLNPRUVWYZ, and each one will occur exactly twice.

    11. Atlantic City NJ.

    L. Joshua got this.

    12. Bancroft ON.


    13. Beaverton ON.


    14. Bloomington IN.

    R. Joshua got this.

    15. Charleston WV.


    16. Findlay OH.


    17. Goderich ON.


    18. Jamestown NY.


    19. Kincardine ON.


    20. Kingston ON.


    21. Lindsay ON.


    22. Little Current ON.


    23. Mackinaw City MI.


    24. Montpelier VT.


    25. Opasatika ON.


    26. Petawawa ON.


    27. Philadelphia PA.

    L. Joshua got this.

    28. Plattsburgh NY.


    29. Providence RI.

    J. Joshua got this.

    30. Rome NY.


    31. Saratoga Springs NY.


    32. Sheboygan WI.


    33. Southampton ON.


    34. Springfield MA.


    35. Staunton VA.


    36. Stephenson WI.


    37. Sudbury ON.


    38. Val d'Or QC.


    39. Watertown NY.


    40. Weymont QC.


    41. White River ON.


    42. Youngstown OH.


    Scores, if there are no errors:

    TOPICS-> Lit Geo
    Joshua Kreitzer 28 25 53
    Dan Blum 16 16 32
    Dan Tilque 4 28 32
    Pete Gayde 3 29 32
    Erland Sommarskog 0 8 8

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