• RQFTCIMM11 Game 7, Rounds 2-3 answers: Hopper, Switzerland

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    Mark Brader:
    These questions were written to be asked in Toronto on 2011-06-27,
    and should be interpreted accordingly... I will reveal the
    correct answers in about 3 days.

    Y'know, one of these days I'll get this "about 3 days" thing right...

    For further information... see my 2021-07-20 companion posting
    on "Reposted Questions from the Canadian Inquisition (RQFTCI*)".

    * Game 7, Round 1 - Current Events (excerpt)

    Answer these 2011 questions if you like for fun, but for no points.

    1. Unlikely but true: the US Open golf tournament was won by
    a Northern Irishman for the second year in a row. Who is the
    new champ?

    Rory McIlroy. Joshua and Pete got this.

    2. A dress worn by Marilyn Monroe was auctioned off this week for
    $4,600,000 US (plus commission). In which movie did she wear it?

    "The Seven Year Itch". Pete got this.

    * Game 7, Round 2 - Entertainment - The Films of Dennis Hopper

    Rebel, addict, psychopath, auteur: the late Dennis Hopper played
    them all and lived them all. Here are some questions about
    his films.

    1. Hopper kicked off his movie career playing opposite James Dean
    in what 1955 classic?

    "Rebel Without a Cause". 4 for Joshua and Dan Tilque. 3 for Pete.

    2. Hopper was twice nominated for Oscars, though he never won.
    His first nomination came in 1969 for Best Original Screenplay.
    For which movie?

    "Easy Rider". 4 for Joshua, Dan Blum, and Pete.

    3. In Hopper's 1979 comeback film, "Apocalypse Now", he appears
    as a crazed acolyte of Marlon Brando's Captain Kurtz. Hopper's
    profession in the movie matched one of his real-life passions.
    What was his character's profession?

    Photojournalist. ("Photographer" or "journalist" was acceptable.)
    4 for Joshua.

    4. 4 years after "Apocalypse Now", Hopper teamed up with Francis
    Ford Coppola once again, playing the role of the alcoholic
    deadbeat father of Motorcycle Boy and Rusty James. Name the

    "Rumble Fish". 4 for Joshua.

    5. Hopper's portrayal of the sadistic Frank Booth in this 1986
    movie ranked 36th on AFI's "Top 50 Movie Villains of All Time"
    list. Name the movie.

    "Blue Velvet". 4 for Joshua and Dan Blum.

    6. For what film did Hopper receive his only acting Oscar
    nomination? He plays a (surprise surprise) alcoholic basketball

    "Hoosiers". 4 for Joshua and Dan Tilque.

    7. In one of his final roles, Hopper plays the best friend of Ben
    Kingsley, a university professor who has fallen for lovely
    undergrad Penelope Cruz in what movie based on a novel by
    Philip Roth?


    8. In this 1986 movie about a young man who murders his girlfriend
    and the reluctance of his pals to report the crime to police,
    Hopper plays Feck, the eccentric neighborhood weed dealer.
    Other cast members include Keanu Reaves and Crispin Glover.
    Name it.

    "River's Edge". 4 for Joshua.

    9. Hopper could always be relied on to play a good maniac. He was
    back to his old nutty tricks as an urban extortionist in this
    1994 thriller about a runaway bus.

    "Speed", of course. 4 for Joshua, Dan Blum, Dan Tilque, and Pete.

    10. Hopper delivers a deft cameo as a Swiss art dealer in this
    1996 film about the Andy Warhol art scene, directed by
    Julian Schnabel. Schnabel would later curate an exhibition of
    Hopper's art and photography at LA's Museum of Contemporary Art.
    Name the the movie.


    * Game 7, Round 3 - Geography - Swiss Cities

    Bitte sehen, veuillez voir, per favore consultare, per plaischair
    consultar, or please examine the handout at:


    We name a city in Switzerland; you give the letter on the map that
    best represents its location.

    1. Interlaken.

    L. 4 for Joshua, Erland, Dan Tilque, and Pete. 3 for Dan Blum.

    2. Luzern.

    H. 4 for Erland. 2 for Pete.

    3. Kreuzlingen. (Hint: it's a suburb of Konstanz.)

    F. 4 for Dan Blum and Pete.

    In the original game we claimed that F was Konstanz itself, but
    (as Erland noted) that's in Germany, on the other side of the Rhine.
    It's Kreuzlingen, as indicated, that's in Switzerland. But in English
    the lake they're on is Lake Constance. (In German it's the Bodensee.)

    4. Montreux.

    K. 4 for Erland and Pete. 3 for Joshua. 2 for Dan Blum.

    5. Geneva.

    I. 4 for everyone -- Joshua, Erland, Dan Blum, Dan Tilque, and Pete.

    6. Bern.

    G. 4 for Joshua, Erland, and Dan Tilque. 2 for Dan Blum and Pete.

    7. Basel.

    A. 4 for Erland and Pete.

    8. Neuchâtel.

    C. 4 for Erland and Pete.

    9. Zürich.

    D. 4 for Erland, Dan Blum, and Dan Tilque. 3 for Joshua.
    2 for Pete.

    10. Lugano.

    P. 4 for Joshua, Erland, and Pete. 2 for Dan Blum.

    There were 6 decoys. Decode the rot13 if you want to try them for
    fun, but for no points.

    11. Schaffhausen.


    12. Chur.

    M. Erland got this.

    13. Winterthur.

    E. Erland got this.

    14. Sion.


    15. Lausanne.

    J. Erland got this.

    16. Bellinzona.

    O. Erland got this.

    Scores, if there are no errors:

    TOPICS-> Ent Geo
    Joshua Kreitzer 32 22 54
    Pete Gayde 11 34 45
    Erland Sommarskog 0 36 36
    Dan Blum 12 21 33
    Dan Tilque 12 16 28

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