• RQFTCIMM11 Game 6, Rounds 2-3 answers: Manitobans, SNL women

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    Mark Brader:
    These questions were written to be asked in Toronto on 2011-06-20,
    and should be interpreted accordingly... For further information...
    see my 2021-07-20 companion posting on "Reposted Questions from
    the Canadian Inquisition (RQFTCI*)".

    * Game 6, Round 1 - Current Events (excerpt)

    Answer these 2011 questions if you like for fun, but for no points.

    1. The TTC last week announced plans to install 141 specially-
    equipped payphones in 69 stations. Specially equipped with what?

    A button connecting callers to a suicide counselor.

    2. This foul-mouthed illustrated nursery rhyme for sleep-deprived
    parents debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller
    list of advice books, and the video of Samuel L. Jackson reading
    it went viral (as the kids say) on youtube. What is the title?

    "Go the Fuck to Sleep". (Exact expletive not required.) Dan Blum
    got this.

    * Game 6, Round 2 - Canadiana History - High-Achieving Manitobans

    This was the hardest round in the original game.

    For questions #1-9, name the person described.

    *Note*: for questions #1-2, I will accept the corresponding winner
    in the most recent competition, whether Manitoban or not.

    1. """Last year""", this beer-loving native of Russell raced his
    skeleton to Olympic gold.

    2011 answer: Jon Montgomery. 2021 answer: Yun Sung-Bin (South Korea,
    2018 Olympics).

    2. Which Winnipegger skipped Team Canada to curling gold at
    """this year's""" World Championship?

    2011 answer: Jeff Stoughton. 2021 answer: Niklas Edin (Sweden).

    3. This first Governor-General to come from a background neither
    English nor French was born in Beausejour.

    Edward Schreyer.

    4. Which St-Boniface-born French-language novelist """is""" quoted
    on the Canadian $20 bill?

    2011 answer: The fine-print passage on the back of the $20 reads:

    Nous connaîtrions-nous
    seulement un peu nous-mêmes,
    sans les arts?
    Gabrielle Roy (1909-1983)
    Could we ever know
    each other in the slightest
    without the arts?

    There is no 2021 answer; since the bill was redesigned in 2012,
    there is no quotation on it.

    5. This native of Steinbach won the Governor-General's Award for
    English Fiction in 2004. She acted the part of a Mennonite
    woman in the Mexican movie "Silent Light".

    Miriam Toews ["Taves"].

    6. In 2000, he voiced himself on a Simpsons episode that included
    a performance of "Takin' Care of Business". Name the
    Winnipeg-born guitarist/songwriter.

    Randy Bachman. 4 for Joshua and Pete.

    7. """Last year""", this Celtic singer/songwriter from Morden
    performed at the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympics
    (during the flying-canoe segment) and released an album called
    "The Wind that Shakes the Barley".

    Loreena McKennitt.

    8. This Dauphin-born fighter ace flew on the Western and Italian
    Fronts during World War I and remains Canada's most decorated
    serviceman ever. After the war, he argued successfully that
    airmen should be issued parachutes, although some senior officers
    feared this would dampen aggressive spirit.

    William Barker.

    9. This Winnipegger who loved 1929-88 achieved fame as a writer
    and filmmaker, but above all as a canoeist.

    Bill Mason.

    10. Andy van Hellemond has been a member of the Hockey Hall of
    Fame since 1999. Starting in 1969, the Winnipeg native has taken
    the ice in """19""" Stanley Cup Final series. In what position?

    19 times? (Still true.) Referee, of course. 4 for Pete.

    * Game 6, Round 3 - Entertainment - The Women of "Saturday Night Live"

    Please see the handout: http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/msb/g6r3/snl.jpg

    For the first 6 questions, we name the person and give some other
    information such as when they appeared on the show, and you give
    the picture letter.

    1. She appeared 1986-94, featuring her impressions of Diane Sawyer
    and a particularly creepy Nancy Reagan. She left for 2 seasons
    on "Designing Women" and has """recently""" guest-starred as
    Jenna's mom on "30 Rock". Which letter is Jan Hooks?

    J. 4 for Joshua and Pete.

    2. Which letter shows Nora Dunn (1985-90), who was one half of
    the lounge act "The Sweeney Sisters" on the show? Since leaving,
    she has appeared in such movies as "Three Kings", "Air Bud 2",
    and "Zoolander". (2 out of 3 ain't bad...)

    M. 4 for Joshua.

    3. 2001-09 cast member Amy Poehler featured hilarious takes
    on Paula Abdul and Katie Couric in her comic arsenal.
    """Currently""" the star of TV's "Parks and Recreation", she
    is married to Canadian actor Will Arnett. Which letter?

    C. 4 for Dan Blum, Joshua, and Pete.

    4. One of the longest serving SNL cast members, her characters
    included Donatella Versace and Whitney Houston. A talented
    singer, she """is""" the daughter of Minnie Ripperton.
    Which picture shows Maya Rudolph?

    A. (Still alive.) 4 for Dan Blum, Joshua, and Pete.

    5. This 1995-2000 cast member had hits with Rita the Porch Lady
    and Judge Judy. She's done some movies since but works mostly
    in voiceover for animation. Which picture shows Cheri Oteri?

    F. 4 for Pete. 3 for Dan Blum.

    6. Her 10 years on the show, 1996-2006, did not make Rachel
    Dratch outrageously famous. She starred in the first season of
    "30 Rock" with pal Tina Fey, but was dropped in favor of a more
    glamorous actress. Which picture shows Rachel Dratch?

    B. (Replaced by Jane Krakowski.) 4 for Dan Blum, Joshua, and Pete.

    Please answer the above questions before decoding the rot13 for
    the remaining 4, where we you give the letter and you name the

    7. Name the original cast member from 1975 to 1980 in picture N,
    who featured characters Rosanne Roseannadanna and Baba Wawa.
    She was married to Gene Wilder when she died at the age of 42.

    Gilda Radner. 4 for everyone -- Dan Blum, Joshua, Pete,
    and Dan Tilque.

    8. Another Original Girl on the show from 1975 to 1980, picture L's
    characters included Prymatt Conehead. She was also the first
    female "Update" anchor. She later starred in "Kate and Allie".
    Name her.

    Jane Curtin. 4 for Dan Blum, Joshua, Pete, and Dan Tailque.

    9. """Current""" cast member picture D """is""" one of the leading
    lights of the show. Characters include Target Lady and Gilly.
    She was featured in the films "Walk Hard" and "Knocked Up".
    Name this star of the """recent""" hit "Bridesmaids".

    Kristen Wiig. (She stopped being a regular on the show in 2012.)
    4 for Dan Blum and Joshua.

    10. Featured cast member and head writer on SNL, picture E also
    wrote the film "Mean Girls" and writes and stars in TV's
    "30 Rock". Name the best Sarah Palin impersonator in the world.

    Tina Fey. 4 for Dan Blum, Joshua, and Pete.

    And name the 4 decoy images if you like for fun, but for no points...

    11. G.

    Ana Gasteyer. Joshua got this.

    12. H.

    Julia Sweeney. Joshua got this.

    13. I.

    Molly Shannon.

    14. K.

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Joshua got this.

    Scores, if there are no errors:

    TOPICS-> Can Ent
    Joshua Kreitzer 4 36 40
    Pete Gayde 8 32 40
    Dan Blum 0 31 31
    Dan Tilque 0 8 8

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