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    On 2020-06-07, I wrote:
    Considering how little traffic rec.games.trivia has these days,
    I'm not going to stop posting QFTCI just because there are no
    new questions. It's been 12 years since I started doing this,
    and I'm simply going to start over, reusing the same questions
    (sometimes with additional edits) that I posted previously.
    If you can remember the answers after that amount of time, when
    bully for you!

    The first games that I reposted before were from seasons written
    by the Usual Suspects, ending with one from 1998 that I previously
    posted in 2009. As we neared the end of that season I was imagining
    that the Inquisition might be able to resume play soon, but the
    situation is somewhat complicated and there's been nothing decided
    about a resumption yet.

    So I'm going to continue reposting old rounds, now from seasons
    written by other teams. But it turns out that I no longer have
    access to the handouts for the next few seasons of old games that
    I reposted after the ones from 1998, so I'm jumping ahead a bit
    to the second season of 2011, written by the Misplaced Modifiers.
    I previously posted that season in 2011 and 2012 under the tag
    QFTCIMM, so this time it'll be RQFTCIMM11.

    If the Canadian Inquisition resumes before I finish with that
    season, then I'll return to posting new material from the league's
    recent games.

    * Out-of-Date Questions

    (This section is repeated from the 2020-06-07 posting, with a few
    trivial fixes.)

    When reposting games I'll put R on the beginning of the previous
    posting tag and an indication of the original year on the end if
    it was not there already, e.g. RQFTCI06.

    Of course it's also possible that for some questions the answers
    have changed. My general rule in that case will be to accept
    *either* the answer that was correct when the game was originally
    played, *or* the current correct answer. If the answer has changed,
    then you'll need to be aware that some subsidiary information
    provided as hints within the original question may be out of date.

    For example, if the original game date was 2006 and the question
    was "What European city was the home of the most recent summer
    Olympics?", then you could give the 2006 answer of Athens (2004)
    or the 2020 answer of Rio de Janeiro (2016), even though Rio is
    not a "European city".

    In general with questions like this I'll try to call attention
    to words that might be out of date, by marking them with triple
    quotation marks. So the actual form of that question when reposted
    would be something like: "What European city was the home of the
    """most recent""" summer Olympics?" And the peculiar punctuation
    is your hint that the facts might have changed.

    I said *might* be out of date, and *might* have changed, because
    if you see that punctuation it doesn't mean that the answer *has*
    changed. It might be that nothing has changed, or it might be
    that a person referred to in the present tense has died, but the
    answer is still the same; or anything like that. For example, if
    the question was "Who """has had""" the most years in office as US
    president?", Franklin Roosevelt would be the only possible answer.
    When I post the answer in a case like that, I'll give the answer
    and put something like "(still true)" or "(died in 2015)" after it.

    For some questions I will use a different rule, such as requiring
    the original answer, or requiring you to say which year you are
    answering for, and in those cases I will include an explicit note.

    * Procedures and Scoring

    (This section is repeated from my regular QFTCI introductory

    The usual rule in our regular league games is that each question
    goes to an individual who can answer for 2 points without
    assistance, and if he misses, he can consult his team and try
    again for 1 point. If the quizmaster judges that an answer is
    incomplete, she can ask for more details before ruling the answer
    right or wrong.

    To maintain the spirit of these rules, I will say that you can
    give two answers on every question. But I will penalize you if
    you give both a right answer and a wrong answer. My scoring is:

    4 points - if you answer once and are right (or twice, both right)
    3 points - if you guess twice and are right only the first time
    2 points - if you guess twice and are right only the second time

    Bonus points may occasionally be available and will be explained in
    the relevant round.

    If you give only one answer, but with only some sort of additional
    comment, please make it clear that that's what you're doing.
    If there is any doubt I'll assume that you are giving two answers.
    If I see more than two answers, the third and any later ones will
    be ignored.

    Although there is no rule like this in the Canadian Inquisition,
    where it makes sense I will accept answers that I think are almost
    close enough (*more than half right*), with a 1-point penalty.

    But I will reject answers that I do not think are sufficiently
    specific, since there is no opportunity to ask for clarification
    when answers are posted in the newsgroup. If I anticipate the
    possibility of insufficiently specific answers I will try to
    provide guidance in a way that does not spoil the questions,
    such as a note in rot13 to be read after you have answered.

    You must, of course, answer based on your own knowledge and
    nothing else. You must post all your answers in a single posting
    (Except in case of technical difficulties, when emailed answers
    or multiple postings will be accepted.)

    Where a person's name is asked for, *normally you need only give
    the surname*. If you do give another part of the name and you're
    wrong, your answer is wrong.

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