• Short stories (3 minutes each) about sports handicapping

    From C. E. Gee@21:1/5 to All on Fri May 13 13:09:17 2016
    Sports Handicapping is the theme of this extremely short story, which takes only three minutes to read. It’s the story of someone who successfully bets against the spread using an unusual method (Shades of the Twilight Zone).



    And if you’re curious about the suspicious, controversial, game changing calls made by on-field officials, I suspect you’ll find interesting the creative “theory” of such as presented by another author in the above-mentioned Aphelion Webzine.
    The story is “Botball Bollix.” It also takes about three minutes to read.

    It certainly opened my mind to an alternate theory of such calls.

    The story was written by a female. I have the feeling her “feminine” perspective may have given her a creative leg up on her male counterparts (writers), thus providing the spark for her theory.




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