• Seven Day Roguelike 2017: Call For Dates

    From Jeff Lait@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 4 19:36:04 2017
    It is now time for the thirteenth annual Seven Day Roguelike Challenge!

    First, what is a Seven Day Roguelike?

    After thirteen years, I'm not going to tell you.

    We are continuing our tradition of not using a fixed date,
    but instead having a vote to allow the community to shift
    the time if necessary.

    We had a lot of success with the web-based registration for
    the challenge last few years, so plan on doing the same this year.
    This means we will not be using rec.games.roguelike.development
    for the registration process. We will post here more
    instructions closer to the date.

    We are repeating last year's approach and using a google form for
    the date selection process:


    Feel free to kibitz about the dates/process in this thread,
    but votes on this thread will not be counted. Instead
    we shall try to use the results of that poll.

    We have plans of trying to mail people reminders if they
    provide their email addresses. I'm not going to promise
    that will succeed however.

    In case you have USENET access but no web access:

    The available weeks are:
    1) February 18th to February 26th
    2) February 25th to March 5th
    3) March 4th to March 12th
    Jeff Lait
    (POWDER: http://www.zincland.com/powder)

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