• Seven Day Roguelike 2016: Date Is Chosen!

    From Jeff Lait@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 13 12:48:57 2016
    The week has been chosen for the Twelfth Annual 7DRL Challenge!

    Thanks to a google poll allowing more than the most dedicated to vote, we have too many votes to represent with hashes. So we are left with boring numbers:

    Feb 20 - Feb 28: 60
    Feb 27 - Mar 6: 53
    Mar 5 - Mar 13: 91

    A discursive analysis of this shows that people still love to procrastinate so bias to the last possible week. The dip on the second choice is likely due to GDC.

    The week for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge has been chosen!

    Within the week of March 5th to March 13th, you are hereby challenged to write a roguelike in 168 hours!

    To participate, follow these simple steps:

    1) Any time on March 5th or March 13th (as measured in your time zone), register on http://7drl.roguetemple.com
    2) Write a roguelike.
    3) After 168 hours, if you have completed a playable roguelike, add your download link to 7drl.roguetemple.com! If not, set your status to failed and we will all commiserate and agree that given a few scant more hours, it could have been great.

    In case something goes wrong with 7drl.roguetemple.com registration
    (It won't!), use rec.games.roguelike.development as a backup.

    You are encouraged to use http://7drl.org for blogging your game development.

    Good Luck!

    I'm not going to post a reminder email here, as the four of us who read USENET likely do not require it.
    Jeff Lait
    POWDER: http://www.zincland.com/powder

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