• Seven Day Roguelike 2018: Date Is Chosen!

    From Jeff Lait@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jan 3 10:28:43 2018
    The week has been chosen for the Fourteenth Annual 7DRL Challenge!

    After thirteen years of running these votes, we've noticed a consistent
    and predictable pattern. Thus, while voting for a day has the nice
    benefit of being a communal exercise that gets us thinking of 7DRLs
    at the start of the year, it doesn't affect much the final date choice.

    On the other hand, it would be useful to have more consistency so people
    can better plan & prepare for the challenge. This is why the process was
    moved a week earlier, and normally this message would be the Call For Dates.

    The secret cabal (there is no cabal!) has thus decided to streamline the process even further.

    On the first Wednesday of the year the date will be announced.

    The date will *usually* be the first full week in March. Specifically,
    the 9-day period starting from the first Saturday of March.

    The exception will be if GDC, or some future equally important conference,
    is scheduled in that interval. In this case we will delay the challenge
    a week and make any such delay known by the first Wednesday of the year.

    Enough long-winded pre-amble! So when is it this year?

    The week for the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge has been chosen!

    Within the week of March 3rd to March 11th, you are hereby challenged to write a roguelike in 168 hours!

    To participate, follow these simple steps:

    1) Any time on March 3rd or March 11th (as measured in your time zone), register your roguelike.
    2) Write a roguelike.
    3) After 168 hours, if you have completed a playable roguelike, add your download link to the registration site! If not, set your status to failed and we will all commiserate and agree that given a few scant more hours, it could have been great.

    You will note we haven't listed 7drl.roguetemple.com as the registration
    site. That is because we are looking into other possible systems for this years challenge. More info will show up in the usual channels if it
    is deciced.

    In case everything fails and there is no site to register at,
    use rec.games.roguelike.development as a backup.

    You are encouraged to use http://7drl.org for blogging your game development.

    Good Luck!

    When we have a final registration site, I'll reply to this post for the
    three of us still reading USENET.
    Jeff Lait
    POWDER: http://www.zincland.com/powder

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  • From David Damerell@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jan 4 14:52:36 2018
    Quoting Jeff Lait <torespondisfutile@hotmail.com>:
    When we have a final registration site, I'll reply to this post for the
    three of us still reading USENET.

    David Damerell <damerell@chiark.greenend.org.uk>
    Clown shoes. I hope that doesn't bother you.
    Today is First Oneiros, January.
    Tomorrow will be First Mania, January.

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