• Brian Anthony chases his tail again!

    From Gary Collard@21:1/5 to Atlanta Ranger on Tue Dec 22 11:50:20 2015
    Feel free to do a greatest hits series AR :)

    On 11/17/2015 1:26 PM, Atlanta Ranger wrote:
    On Wednesday, February 18, 2004 at 12:04:16 AM UTC-5, The Beet Man wrote:
    Brian Anthony alleged, in:


    "No HONOURABLE person here posts moneyline plays on DOUBLE-DIGIT pt
    spreads, which begins typically in the upper 500's or more, *because*
    THAT would amount to nothing more than what I've coined "a shameless
    grab for documentation units" and essentially be NO reflection of
    handicapping skill whatsoever..."

    but then in a different post, one which is not yet archived on Google,
    Brian alleged:

    <quoted post>

    ...now I see where this BIG CHALK has been pushed to -1400
    at Olympic...

    Sounds like the money is coming in on this BIG CHALK! But... but...
    but... I thought no one would ever bet favorites in that range?

    What a stupid thing to think.
    I've previously acknowledged that the public
    *DOES* tend these stronger favs and drive the number up!

    </quoted post>

    So, uh, let's see. The general public makes these bets with such
    frequency that the number gets driven up. In other words, these big
    favorites are a POPULAR bet. But "no HONOURABLE person" would post
    these bets to RGS because it's "no reflection of handicapping skill."

    Am in the only one who sees the huge contradiction here? Is there
    value in these bets, or isn't there? Is the vig lower, or is it
    higher? Are these skillful bets, or not skillful? It sounds like
    Brian Anthony is having trouble keeping his story straight!

    This post brought to you courtesy of the Beet Man!

    The good ole days.

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