• How to bet against Warriors for Champ (for instance)

    From Gary Collard@21:1/5 to Tom Adams on Mon May 9 17:19:58 2016
    On 5/7/2016 3:49 PM, Tom Adams wrote:
    I find "odds to win" the championship. Futures.

    But how can a bet against the Warriors, for instance.

    Or in the NCAA tournament, can you bet against a particular team becoming champ.

    Bet "odds to win" for the rest of the field?

    Most sites were offering yes/no on GS winning the title, but a lot of
    them have backed off since the Curry injury. If he comes back and shows
    the ability to play in game 4 or 5, those kinds of props will become
    widely available again.

    Don't bet the rest of the teams, the juice is too high, you will only
    get about half the payoff you should based on natural odds.

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