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    [URL=http://"http://carder007.eu"][B][B]========= Welcome customers all over the world =========
    Hello all buyers
    I am [url=http://carder007.EU]carder007.EU [/url] the best Russian seller and i sell CC fresh with high balance
    I have can do bank transfer/ Paypal transfer / Wu transfer the 100% sure and Bank Login
    I have paypal account logins, bank logins with good balance
    I hope you to find good customers so we can work on long-term cooperation.
    We have our cc shop online that has bee available for over 15 Years

    [URL=http://"http://carder007.eu"]If You Need To Buy Orders, Please Contact For Me NOW For More Information :
    ----> My ICQ : 691890167
    ----> Website : [url=http://carder007.eu/]http://carder007.eu/[/url]
    [url=http://www.carder007.ca/]http://www.carder007.ca/[/url] ----> My Email : [email]carder007.de@gmail.com[/email]

    =-=-=-=-=- WELCOME TO MY BUSINESS -=-=-=-=-=

    *************** Sell CVV Good Balance ***************

    Cvv US :
    Us (visa/master) = $10
    Us (amex/disco) = $10
    Us (fullz info) = $35
    Cvv UK :
    Uk (visa/master) = $25
    Uk (bin/dob) = $35
    Uk (fullz info) = $40
    Cvv CA :
    Ca (visa/master) = $20
    Ca (bin/dob) = $30
    Ca (fullz info) = $40
    Cvv AU :
    Au (visa/master) = $20
    Au (bin/dob) = $30
    Au (fullz info) = $40
    Cvv EU...
    France = $20 (fullz info = $50)
    Germany = $20 (fullz info = $50)
    Italy = $20 (fullz info = $50)
    Sweden = $20 (fullz info = $50)
    Spain = $20 (fullz info = $50)
    Denmark = $25 (fullz info = $50)
    Ireland = $20 (fullz info = $50)
    Mexico = $15 (fullz info = $50)
    Asia = $15 (fullz info = $50)

    * And many countries other in stock 95% valid rate and high balance...
    * Let me know if have i will sell for you

    *************** Western Union transfer ***************

    * If you want to change a better life, this is service best to make money !

    - Doing Transfer to : USA, UK, CA, AU, EU, ASIA...and very easy to cash out African
    - With MTCN + Sender's details, you can pickup at any Western Union office in 48 hours

    Price this services

    $150 for MTCN $1800 (get MTCN vs sender's detaols)
    $300 for MTCN $3500 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)
    $500 for MTCN $6000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)
    $700 for MTCN $9000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)
    $900 for MTCN $15000 (get MTCN vs Sender's details)

    * We accept payment 10% fee of services from $3000 to $30.000
    * Each recipient information is 5 times 5 MTCN

    * How about deal?
    - You make payment and give me your WU details ( First name, Last name, Country, City )
    - After check and get payment, i will make transfers for you immediately without delay
    - Transfers completed in 20mins you will get MTCN + Sender's details to pickup, very easy cashout

    *************** Bank Login / Bank Transfer ***************

    My price about bank :
    At the moment i have some bank , so i don't have more but i will try to find more bank acc with high balance for who need

    Available USA bank Logins
    JP Morgan Chase & Co.
    Bank of America
    City National Bank
    First Interstate Bank

    Available UK bank Logins
    Clydesdale Bank

    You can Ask for any other Eu bank Login you would like to buy.

    - Bank BOA Us :
    Balance 7000$ = 300$
    Balance 14000$ = 500$
    Balance 18000$ = 800$
    - Bank HSBC US :
    Balance 12000$ = 400$
    Balance 28000$ = 1000$
    - Bank HSBC UK :
    Balance 8000 GBP = 300$
    Balance 17000 GBP = 700$

    - You can contact me for more and many Bank Logins you need.

    *************** Dumps Track 1/2 with & without Pin ***************

    * Types Card : Visa, Master, Amex, Discover, Classic Standard, Business, Debit Card, Gold Platinum...
    * Country for sale : US, UK, CA, AU, EU, ASIA ...

    Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin US : $110 /1pcs
    Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin UK : $130 /1pcs
    Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin CA : $130 /1pcs
    Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin AU : $140 /1pcs
    Dumps Track 1/2 with Pin EU : $150 /1pcs

    * Sample Dumps Track 1/2 with & without Pin

    Track 1: 4782009999506014^KOSNIEWSKI/PAMELA M^16111010000000208000000
    Track 2: 4782009999506014=16111010000020800000

    Track1 : B4784559000586171^andrew/mayerbach^150310100000000000003343300003700000000
    Track2 : 4784559000586171=15031010003343300003700
    ATM Pin : 5241

    - We will check with high balance
    - Will send Dumps to you immediately after we get your payment for the order
    - I always replace bad, declined dumps
    - Replacement of invalid dumps can be made within 3days

    ------------ My Business Regulations ------------

    - If you want to buy something, please contact me to know about deal
    - We ensure all tools is best and reasonable price
    - We hope to see you all and doing serious work
    - If you are a new customer here
    - You can buy minimum cvv or tools for testing
    - Don't talk about test free or sample or screenshot with me
    - If you don't trust my business. please do not contact me
    - Payment methods: Bitcoin (BTC), Western Union (WU), Perfect Money (PM), Web Money (WMZ)

    If You Need To Buy Orders, Please Contact For Me NOW For More Information :

    ----> My ICQ : 691890167
    ----> Website : [url=http://carder007.eu/]http://carder007.eu/[/url]
    [url=http://www.carder007.ca/]http://www.carder007.ca/[/url] ----> My Email : [email]carder007.de@gmail.com[/email]


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