• Mouse Pads for Charity

    From Unlimited Crossroads@21:1/5 to All on Thu Dec 17 08:02:42 2015
    Unlimited Crossroads in partnership with Luna Le Fey (www.facebook.com/LunaLeFeyModel, are offering mouse pads with different pictures of our beautiful fey girl.

    This offer is to benefit the charity listed below. http://www.firstgiving.com/.../4pawsf.../4pawsforsophiaandwesley

    These are limited in quantity and once they are gone, they are gone.

    The calendar mouse pad includes 3 pictures of Luna and priced at 25.00. (shipping included for US only, International Shipping is being investigated and will update when we know for sure.) The pictures included on the calendar are Autumn, Galaxy heart,
    and Witch on the wall.
    Preview of the calendar: https://goo.gl/GmQpor

    The full picture mouse pads are priced at 20.00 (shipping included for US only. International shipping is being investigated and will update when we know for sure.) The full picture mouse pads are titled: Roykdrage, Ice harness, Witch on the wall, Galaxy
    Heart, and Autumn.

    A preview of the mouse pads are shown below (bear in mind these were taken by a cellphone on a computer, when we have received the mouse pads we will post the actual look).

    Roykdrage https://goo.gl/5NKXCN
    Ice harness https://goo.gl/i0zK9B
    Witch on the wall https://goo.gl/OYP7Oa
    Galaxy Heart https://goo.gl/bSVwz6
    Autumn https://goo.gl/CEhRnw

    This offer exist only here.

    To reserve your order send as an email to unlimitedcrossroads@gmail.com with the quantity and name of mouse pad. (make sure you include your paypal email. Thank you.)

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