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    From Geert-Jan Willems@21:1/5 to All on Thu Dec 10 14:27:34 2015
    I am looking for Cards of the Dragonsotrm CCG/RPG,
    mostly the Deluxe cards as I hardly have any of those cards, but soem of the base and Kanchaka sets I also lack.

    If anyone can help me with the cards I'm missing, please contact me.
    If a Deluxe card is not lsited, it may be because I do not yet have it any list! (not all of the Classic cards where properly put in the official lists)

    Looking for:
    Base set:
    R66 Teuvasic Crossbow
    R81 Packmule

    Kanchaka Valley:
    R116 Chain armor
    R117 Packtaur
    R118 Taur Cart
    R119 Riding Horse
    R142 Rockwilde's Blade
    R146 Rashrule's Philter
    R149 Witch Charm

    HUM-001 Manilac Character
    HUM-002 Latent Shifter

    ORC-001 Whack It
    ORC-003 Orc Rumble
    ORC-004 Orc Stride

    DRA-001 Miniature Dragon Form
    DRA-002 Greater Dragon Form 2
    DRA-003 Prime Dragon Form 1
    DRA-008 Das Karr Dragon
    DRA-009 Human Dragon
    DRA-010 Burning Rage
    DRA-011 Dragonet Form
    DRA-012 Skyrider Prime Form
    DRA-013 Greatflame Prime Form
    DRA-014 Blackwind Prime Form
    DRA-015 Fire Wall Prime Form
    DRA-016 Zactos Prime Form
    DRA-017 Ravenwing Prime Form
    DRA-020 Shroud of the Dragon

    GAR-001 Human Gargoyle
    GAR-003 Human Gargoyle
    GAR-004 Prime Gargoyle 1
    GAR-005 Gargoyle Form 4
    GAR-006 Chisel Claw
    GAR-007 Stone Walk
    GAR-009 Amethyst Skin

    GRF-001 Elven Griffon
    GRF-002 Griffon Form
    GRF-003 Griffon Spirit Bash
    GRF-004 Griffon Spirit Talking
    GRF-005 Griffit Form
    GRF-006 Greater Griffon Form*
    GRF-007 Griffon Sight*
    GRF-008 Prime Griffon
    GRF-009 Elven Griffon 2

    PHO-001 Elven Phoenix
    PHO-002 ?? (any phoenix cards that got published)

    PEG-001 Great Pegasus Form 1
    PEG-002 Great Pegasus Form 2
    PEG-003 Feel the Magic
    PEG-004 Quick Strike
    PEG-005 Pegasus Health
    PEG-006 Prime Pegasus Form 1
    PEG-007 Horse Form

    UNC-001 Centaur Form
    UNC-002 Prime Unicorn Form 1
    UNC-003 Horse Form
    UNC-004 Prime Centaur Form
    UNC-005 Nature's Aid

    WER-001 Elven Werewolf
    WER-002 Foxwings Werewolf
    WER-003 Half Wolf Form
    WER-004 Howl of Rage
    WER-005 Human Werewolf
    WER-006 Prime Werewolf 2
    WER-007 Das Karr Werewolf
    WER-008 Basic Werewolf Form 4
    WER-009 Wolf Dance
    WER-010 Recognize Scent

    WEC-003 Great Tiger Form
    WEC-004 Snow Leopard Form
    WEC-009 Prime Tiger Form 1
    WEC-013 Panther Form

    RAT-004 One With The Night Anchor
    RAT-006 Immunity From Poison Anchor

    CLB-001 Skyrider Background
    CLB-002 Great Flame Background
    CLB-003 Blackwind Background
    CLB-004 Fire Wall Background
    CLB-005 Zactos Background
    CLB-006 Ravenwing Background
    CLB-007 Clanborn Character
    CLB-008 Clanborn Form
    CLB-009 Clanborn Healing

    BLD-001 Bloodkin Evolution
    BLD-002 Sprite Form
    BLD-003 Avatar Form
    BLD-004 Mind To Minds
    BLD-005 Tigrean Form
    BLD-006 Human Form
    BLD-007 Das Karr Form
    BLD-008 Bloodkin Will
    BLD-009 Bloodkin Way
    BLD-010 Prime Avatar Form 1
    BLD-011 Human Form
    BLD-012 Foxwings Form

    MAS-001 Dual Cast
    MAS-002 Senses of the Master
    MAS-003 Trace Teleport

    UNI-006 Night Witch
    UNI-009 Disguise
    UNI-011 Familiar Magic
    UNI-015 Shield Block
    UNI-016 Dual Weapons
    UNI-022 Rogue Noble
    UNI-023 Find Healing Herb
    UNI-024 Find Restoration Herb
    UNI-025 Temple Speaker
    UNI-026 Axemaster
    UNI-027 Bowmaster
    UNI-028 Swordmaster
    UNI-029 Friendly Fire
    UNI-038 Hang On
    UNI-044 One Good Shot
    UNI-048 Make It Independent
    UNI-059 Child of the Blood Background
    UNI-063 Parry Missiles
    UNI-064 Shrug it Off
    UNI-065 Berserk Rage
    UNI-067 Drop Kick

    WIT-006 Warlock
    WIT-008 Charm Crafter

    SHA-004 Spirit Dancer (SHA-003)
    SHA-005 Spectral Tattoo Artist

    T9 (??) Juscalin Gem
    LIM-001 Antiloc Battle Axe
    LIM-002 Antiloc Buckler
    ITM-?? Hireling

    GUILD-001 Hand of Fate
    GUILD-002 Rune of Power
    GUILD-003 Rune of Time
    GUILD-004 Rune of Chaining
    GUILD-005 Rune of Fortitude
    GUILD-006 Rune of Purity
    GUILD-007 Runestone
    GUILD-008 Rune Weaver
    GUILD-009 Sense Terrain
    GUILD-010 Combat Instincts
    GUILD-011 Rebirth Festival
    GUILD-012 Elethay's Blessing
    GUILD-013 Profession
    GUILD-014 Elven War Quiver
    GUILD-015 Trapspringer Tools

    ANN-001 Hit 'm Again
    ANN-004 Gargoyle Bat Form

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