• ANNOUNCE: QBob 1.2 by MoonRock Software Inc

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    On Monday, December 16, 1996 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, John Burgess wrote:
    QBob(tm) is an action/arcade shareware game from MoonRock Software,
    which offers first-rate game play for both novice and experienced game players. The game has a kickin' sound track and stunning graphics. You control QBob, jumping onto asteroids and preparing them for demolition,
    while evading an unrelenting alien onslaught!

    For more information, visit QBob's website at http://www.moonrock.com/moonrock.

    There are 2 versions of QBob:
    QBOB3212.EXE runs on Microsoft Windows 95 / WindowsNT 3.51 or greater. QBOB1612.EXE runs on Microsoft Windows 3.1x.

    To install, download the appropriate self-extracting file and run it.
    QBob setup will begin. You will need to choose a directory in which to install the game. When setup is complete, you may play the game!


    MoonRock Software Inc.

    Hi John, if you can see it, please I really like to play qbob full version again. It will makes me so happy. I hope your answer. Thanks a lot! Greetings... a qbob's fan

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