• SkyFox II, the Boondock expedition

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    On Tuesday, May 30, 1989 at 9:14:24 PM UTC-5, Rod Dorman wrote:
    Has anyone been able to find the lost starbase Boondockia? And if so,
    wheres it located?.

    I've got the Amiga version if it makes a difference.

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    Yep. I am responding to a 26-year old post. I dunno if the platform makes a difference (I used to play the DOS version), but the Boondockia is located along the latitude indicated in the mission description. Fly east (to the right on the map) along the
    parallel latitude indicated in the mission brief. You will have to fly quite awhile at medium speed, but assuming your shields hold up long enough, you will eventually run right into the Boondockia. Good Luck.

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