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    In regaurds to my post titled 'Battletech: 'City Archer'.

    Star Captain Axly of Clan Wolf states:
    This seems like it would work rather well with 3025 tech. I think it
    might have some serious vulnerability when you use 3050. Multiple
    AMS systems are a hallmark of cityfighters on both sides with the
    new tech. Reason: SRMs are fairly impotent against such a 'Mech for
    at least 2 rounds. (Shperoid mileage may vary.) I would also advise shifting the CT(R) mediums to the arms. You are able to cover the
    rear hexes with at least two lasers by torso-twisting and using
    the arm-mounted weaponry. This allows a much better arc of fire
    than the rear-mounted, as you must fire only the rear-mounted
    weaponry when you choose to fire said weaponry (I may be reading
    that rule incorrectly, but that is what it seems to state)

    The Star Captain is quite correct in stating that this mech would be at a disadvantage in this new era of rediscovered technology.

    What this Clan welp may not have realised is that this mech was fielded for the time pre-War of 3039. I myself, prefer Battletech before the Clan invation
    began. Back in the days when mechs overheated, when the Combine fought against
    L.C's and Fedrats, and not some shot gun wedding union called the Fed. Com., and when a clan was something to do with the Kearny Highlanders. (Have a look at my post called 'Battletech: The Great Debate')

    Now as far as the rear mounted medium lasers go, I suppose this free birth pup
    has never really seen an ARC-2R to no that is has two rear mounted mediums.
    When I made the ARC-3K I wanted to change a good thing as little as possible while turning it into something completely different. So the Diverse Optics Mediums stay rear mounted.

    Sho-sa Peter Hamilton, Comm. Comp. C, First Batt., 37th Dieron Regulars (3056)
    Chu-sa Harry M. Kemp, Comm. 37th Dieron Regulars, DCMS, (3027)
    Star Captain Sil Ward, Comm. 11th Wolf Guard, Delta Galaxy, (3056)

    Yes, Star Captain Axley, I use clan when the mood strikes.

    Hi Me, 24 years ago.

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