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    From Will in New Haven@21:1/5 to All on Sat Nov 25 17:34:32 2017
    Interest Post: For after the new year via Skype or Google Hanouts. Somewhat historical, no spells, few monsters other than real animals and people. People pray and petition the Gods but they get nothing.
    Tentative Title: Kill the Vikings and Burn their Ships.
    System: Glory Road Roleplay with magic and clerical powers edited out and the Encounters book severely edited.
    Features: Massive fatalities because of the combat system combined with only first aid healing. Baltic winter weather. Possible starvation.
    Setting: A Wendish or Slavic or Finnish, I haven't decided, cluster of villages along a small river emptying into the Baltic.
    You are the young(ish) people of these villages, those who haven't' been killed or carried off by Viking raiders. It is autumn and the next big raids aren't expected until spring.
    There is a movement among you, led by young women who are sick of seeing their sisters carried off, to train at arms, including the women, and organize so that next year's big raid will be a disaster for the Vikings.
    What happens: You train, there is some traditionalist opposition to the women training but it amounts to little. During the fall and winter, you battle aurochs and bears and small groups of raiders from inland.
    Then you face the major raid.

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