• Using cards for randomized duration

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    When something in a role playing game has a randomized duration, you may
    wish to avoid knowing the duration until it expires. My suggestion is to
    use cards instead of rolling dice. For example, if the duration of
    something is "1d6+2 minutes", then take six cards, one of which is a joker
    (or ace of spades if you do not have a joker); after three minutes, draw
    one card, and draw another card after each minute (of time in the story),
    and the spell or other effect expires once you find the joker.

    One way of altering the probability distribution is to vary the interval
    at which cards are drawn.

    There are other ways, too. For example, take two cards of each rank ace
    to king, and draw one card each turn, until you have drawn two cards of
    the same rank (not necessarily consecutively).

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