• Does Anyone Else Care About This?

    From Will in New Haven@21:1/5 to All on Tue Mar 22 08:39:46 2016
    I wonder if I am the only one who cares about this. If I am setting up a campaign I would prefer, I don't force it on people, that the character's names _seem_ like they are from the same ethnic/national group with perhaps one wanderer from out of the
    area. I like the initial characters in a scenario to have local connections, maybe family etc.

    I have had varying success with this idea. In my longest-running campaign, the characters are from the same area, although their adventures have taken them far afield, and fit the "ethnic name" concept except for a Dwarf who is from the are but has a
    silly, although kind of appropriate name for a Dwarf (Rebar) In my monthly campaign, they are on the Silk Road, where characters from all over the place seem reasonable but I find it odd that _no one_ chose to play a local character, a Persian or
    Scythian at this point in alternate-world history. The game that has grown out of a one-shot that I ran a few weeks ago has names that fit the locale except for the guy who plays Rebar who continues his silly-name tradition.

    Will in New Haven

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