• Anybody play Mahjongtime?

    From coppinpr@aol.com@21:1/5 to All on Fri Mar 4 03:54:28 2016
    I started playing on mahjong time when it first started,even won a few prizes in the days when they sent them out to you,several mah jong sets.
    Then I suddenly stopped as it became obvious that new players won more games than older ones getting the new customers interested and established and I began to wonder just how honest the site was. Its so so easy for the people who run a site like this
    to make sure you lose enough games to make you buy more chips and to win enough games to keep you interested,they are number crunchers by trade after all,its easy to fix.
    I recently came back to mahjong time and there it is again, one day you win 6 in a row next day you lose 25 in a row, some of the methods they use are in fact a bit easy to spot. far too often for the law of averages the person on your right discards a
    tile and hey presto you draw the same tile or you discard a tile and wow,next time round you draw the same tile again. Id love to play an honest mahjong game but I wonder about this one,interested to see what the site says about this

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  • From riley.fogler@hotmail.fr@21:1/5 to All on Fri Aug 25 09:40:14 2017
    I play and I don't know why but my mouse won't work 75% of the time. I'm in the middle of a game and suddenly I'm clicking and nothing is happening, turn after turn. It's like I'm not there. Then I get a warning saying I'll be booted because I'm taking
    more than 15 sec. I can't play a serious game anymore because of it. My mouse works on all other websites so it's not me! Oh, and my mousepad won't work either.

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