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    The Fourteen Pieces is a draw-and-discard game played by four players with one complete pack of 120 money-suited cards. It prevails around the border between
    Shandong province and Jiangsu province.

    A winning hand in Fourteen Pieces is in the 3-3-3-3-2 form, which is the same as Mahjong. The gameplay is much the same as Mahjong except that:
    1/ One can declare to win if he gets a quadruplet at the beginning of a game. 2/ One must declare a concealed triplet and place it on the table facing down, otherwise he won't get points for the triplet. After declaring he cannot break the triplet any more.
    3/ Promoted quadruplet is not allowed, thus there would be no Robbing.
    4/ One can claim a card for the pair from the upper player.

    The scoring elements in Fourteen Pieces are the following:
    Peng (碰, exposed triplet): 1/2 points (2 points for aces, nines, White Flower, Red Flower, Old Thousand)
    Kan (坎, concealed triplet): 2/4 points
    Kai Zhao (开招, exposed quadruplet): 4/8 points
    Zi Lou (自搂, concealed quadruplet): 6/12 points
    Winning: 6 points
    Hun Hu (荤和, Meat Hand, all triplets or quadruplets): 1 double
    Piao Hu (飘和, Floating Hand, all exposed triplets): 2 double

    All players need to pay each other, including the winner. The banker need to pays or gets paid twice for the difference between his hand and others' hands.

    7 cards would be remained before a draw game. There is no pay for a draw game.

    Is the game familiar?

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