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    I also like the Wico Boss but the stick itself is rather loose and turns >easily, causing me to aim in the wrong way.

    Any suggestion for the best stick?

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    THE best joystick is - without a doubt - the Epyx 500xj. This baby is so good. The base is designed to sit comfortably in your left hand. The trigger button is at your left index finger. (For two button versions
    like the ENS and SMS compatible units, the second button is right under
    your middle finger.) The joystick as a narrow throw, meaning you don't
    have to move it the width of a football field to change directions like
    those oversized pointmaster clones or the wico mongrols. However, it is
    not so narrow as to make it overly sensitive.

    The joystick slides easily under the light pressure of your fingertips,
    and the microswitch contacts make a distinctive tactile tick that you can hear, and vaguely feel in the stick as the contacts engage. This has the psychological benefit of keeping the user from overbearing on the stick,
    thus reducing the chances of the user damaging the stick.

    And damaging the stick is hard to do. The only one I broke was on the
    floor, and with the lights off, I stepped on it and brought my 200+ pounds
    to bear on it. I heard a faint cracking sound. Turning on the lights, I discovered I had put a partial break in the case that made the joystick itself not sit in the pivot joint, thus rendering that particular one unusable. But even this wasn't a total loss. The joystick itself and all internal parts were undamaged, so if I ever need spare parts, I'm ready.

    the only complaint I had on them was the NES and SMS versions' mylar
    buttons (not relevant tot he 2600 compatible version). The Start, Pause
    and auto rapid fire on/off buttons are on a mylar touchpad strip. On
    those, I replaced them with small, microswitched buttons. And easy mod,
    and it works great. All other components on the 500xj are designed to
    last, and they do. I have not had a 500xj break under normal use.

    jt august
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    "I stepped on it and brought my 200+ pounds to bear on it. I heard a faint cracking sound."

    <eye roll>

    Of course it was a joystick ...

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