• VERY COMMON games that I don't have. Maybe you can help me?

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    FWIW, I haven't seen a lot of these around either. I think "very common" is a relative term; it probably depends on where you are and what the market's like in your area. I personally live in NYC, where there is a large market for this stuff, so basically anything cheap gets snapped up almost immediately. It seems like the VC carts go even faster than the rare ones just because they're so cheap and so many beginning collectors want them. I've seen tons of the maroon Space Invaders, for example, but no silver.
    I'm sure just as many people buy the maroon as the silver around here, but the maroon just seems to be a little more "very common" than the silver (probably because of O'Shea's), and that's probably true of the Sears versions of the games listed below too - like I said it's all relative.
    Some VC carts just sell out faster than others, I think, because not all variants may be equally as common.

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    That's really odd, it could be because lots of common games are actually
    because they were good and so many people bought them. Maybe these people didn't want to give them up?


    Chad Hendrickson wrote:

    I have been avidly collecting Atari 2600 games for about a year now.
    following is a list of games that are considered to be VERY COMMON but
    some reason, they have eluded me. Can anyone out there help me out? I
    looking for these cartridges in good condition. Of course, they should
    rock bottom in price. Let me know if you can help me out. Maybe we can work out a trade. Or maybe you just want to get rid of some of your commons. Either way, your cartridges would be going to a good home
    they will be cared for and well maintained :)

    If you are going to reply to me directly, please remove the "REMOVE"
    from my
    email address.

    Atari 2600
    Air Raiders, M Network
    Air-Sea Battle, Atari, text
    Asteroids, Sears, picture
    Asteroids, Sears, text
    Atlantis, Imagic, text
    Backgammon, Atari, picture
    Baseball, Sears, picture
    Baseball, Sears, text
    Basketball, Atari, picture
    Basketball, Sears, text
    Blackjack, Atari, text
    Blackjack, Sears, picture
    Blackjack, Sears, text
    Bowling, Sears, text
    Breakout, Atari, text
    Canyon Bomber, Atari, picture
    Canyon Bomber, Sears, text
    Championship Soccer, Atari, picture
    Championship Soccer, Atari, text
    Circus Atari, Atari, text
    Combat, Atari, picture
    Cosmic Ark, Imagic, text
    Crossbow, Atari, red
    Defender, Sears, picture
    Enduro, Activision
    Football, Sears, text
    Hangman, Atari, text
    Home Run, Atari, picture
    Indy 500, Atari, picture
    Maze, Sears, picture
    Maze, Sears, text
    Missile Command, Sears, picture
    Missile Command, Sears, text
    Night Driver, Sears, text
    Othello, Atari, text
    Pele's Championship Soccer, Atari, picture
    Pele's Championship Soccer, Atari, text
    Sky Diver, Atari, text
    Space Invaders, Atari, silver
    Space Invaders, Sears, picture
    Space War, Atari, text
    Super Baseball, Atari, red
    Surround, Atari, picture
    Surround, Atari, text
    Video Checkers, Atari, picture
    Warlords, Sears, picture
    Warlords, Sears, text


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